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allergic reaction to naltrexone implant??

naltrexone implant sight itchy and red, been on antibiotics. believe allergic reaction will my body learn to accept it?
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You are going to have to talk to your doctor about that,  Is that a pain pump?
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A naltrexone implant is to keep you from abusing opiates. If you take an opiate the naltrexone block the effects.

Have you spoke to your doctor about the side effect? If it is an allergic reaction it seems to me that it needs to be removed. If you are allergic to it you will continue to have the reaction as long as it is in your system even if you are taking antibiotics. The antibiotics may work temporarily but with the naltrexone still in your body it would still be causing the problem. That is if you are allergic to it. It would be like being allergic to bee stings and still having a bee stinging you while you are taking antibiotics. You have to remove the source of the allergy.
Only a doctor would be able to figure out if you are allergic to it. It may take removing the implant to find out for sure.
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I hope your not allergic to it because I am taking Naltrexone 100 mg by mouth for the alcohol cravings and it seems to be working well for me so far...I've only been on it a few days but I'm not jonesin anymore,I call it the miracle pill! Good luck I hope it all works out for you and keep us posted!
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I was told to take a zyrtec and it seems to be helpin-im not tryin to have any probs with this implant, know its my lifeline right now through God. All the best to you!
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