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at peace!

Not sure if any of my old friends frequent this forum anymore but I just thought I'd stick my head in and lend a few words of wisdom!

To start I'm not even quite sure how long I've been clean now, kinda gave up counting. I now it's over two year or very close to it. I went through horrendous withdrawals, seemed to take for ever to feel somewhat "normal" but the longer I stayed clean and the more I surrendered to the reality of "there is a way out!" and "this is possible" the easier life became. It's one hell of ride, believe me I know!!! I arrived on this site, lost, lonely (surrounded by family no less!), angry, confused and scared. I left this site shortly after 1 year clean with hope once again filling my heart, cool, lol. I'm doing well again, in a good job, nice car, moterbikes, good friends "clean ones!!!" and money in the bank, groovy baby! Haha, :) So know this, just by looking for the help and posting your question looking for guidance/help you've already made the most important step, you've realised you need it, we'll done! Life is so very very much better clean so never give up on YOU, you are worth it! Hang tight peeps and I wish all of you the very best of everything, truly! Stay focused, ;)

To anyone who can remember me and to anyone who helped me, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!!! Much love, the Dig, ;)

P.s. AT PEACE :)
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Hey Dig  good to see you GREAT TO SEE YOU CLEAN!!!! it always make my day to see someone come back on that hasent relapsed from your post your not only clean but your thriving that is what it is all about life on lifes terms and life is so much better clean  just keep doing what your doing it is working for you thanks for dropping by it give me hope and faith that working on this forum truly helps people
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Well hey there Dig!  Good to see you post and it was a great one!  So glad you are doing well and thriving!  You are still as funny and crazy as always!!  lol  Was good catching up with you the other night....you're a barrel of laughs my friend!  Hope to hear from you again soon!  Stay cool and crazy!  

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There's my peeps right there. Who'd a thunk it, still here rocking it, brilliant! Love it :)

Cheers for the scoobie snack sis, 2 year 2 month is fine by me, lol
You are and always will be a true friend, looking forward to catching up, ya belta ya, ;)

Juglin I'll sort some bike pics out soon enough, although they're mostly pics of me having a little to much fun at bike rallies/festivals, haha. Thank you and I hope you're are doing well too, ;)

How do spidey, thank you for your humour too, you always had a canny knack of cracking me up, never loose it! Good on ya girl, thank you and much love, ;)

Love to all of you my brothers and sisters of the struggle, ;)
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Spider! :)

Your solution to mine (& Dig's) vague dithering over his clean date was so graceful & obvious! :)) (laughing, for reals!)
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HOT DIGGITY...DING DANG DOG! ?..hey dig, I remember you...it's been about a year......I remember you cuuuuuz you've got a great sense o humour!........grats bud on your clean time and that AMAZEBALLS post!

Your last account said you came here June 2013?......

Nothin gonna hold you hostage eh man?  Just great job.  

Hugs and peace...((((8)))).......Spider.
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HA!! :)

Welcome back Dig!..(Imagine my surprise @ getting an invite from yer man himself, there! [I thought that was a done deal from way back]).

I'm really glad that you posted (I almost contacted you a week or so ago 'bout a poster from the UK on H who was really beating himself up -- kinda' reminded me of you when you first got here,

Dude, I've probably got a better read on your clean time than you apparently do. I took my tracker down @ 2 yrs but since my clean date was Dec, 25th 2012, it's easy to remember. If I recall, I was @ 5 or 6 months when you first stumbled into these hallowed precincts. So, since I'll be 2 yrs. 8 mos. on the 25th, that should..yeah, well, you know....give you a scoobie Doo :)

It's really good to see you, my old friend. I can't tell you how very proud I am of you -- Of us all. I feel like my first year here -- yours too, [I intuit] -- was so formative, so intense & raw. I still thank whatever planetary alignment allowed me to get clean @ the same time as certain others that were here @ that particular time (& a couple of others who still are). It does my heart good to know that you're thriving!! I know our communication has been sparse in the past 8 mos or so, but the bond's there & always we'll be! Let's do it -- let's catch up with you soon for real :)

Love to you my brother ;;))
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Great to see your face!  AND even better to hear all is well with you!  Awesome Dude...look forward to seeing new bike pics.
Stick around...you have much to offer.:)
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