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can yoy die from quiting cld turkey off suboxone

i need to  know if you can die from quiting suboxone cold turkey ?im going up instead of going down and im taking  about 16 mg for the last 3 days  prior to that i was taking 1/2  a pill a day  (ive only been on them since last friday) comming off of 20 norcos a day i  have to quit due to an up comming surgery!!! 1 one more stupid ? does taking pain meds while on suboxine cause a sudden withdrawl
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I don't think pain meds will cause sudden withdrawal. I think the pain meds just won't have any effect. I would just do as your doctor reccomends. They do know your on sub ?
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taking pain meds on sub will not cause withdrawl. You will not feel anything from the meds while taking the sub. The sub blocks the receptors from recieving the pain meds. So taking meds while on sub is just a waste of time and money.
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Quitting Sub ct will not kill you. Sub is an opiate, opiate withdrawals don't kill you...they just suck a lot. Do your doctor's that are giving your surgery know that you are on sub...they really should.

Taking pain meds and suboxone can induce withdrawal...it depends on when you are taking them.
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Some people will tell you no it wont kill you . I'am 58  and was told by Dostors that  depending  on your health you could have a heart attack while going through withdrawal
if your body went into shock from rapid detox. Good Luck and MAY GOD BLESS YOU IN JESUS NAME A-MEN!!!
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Please talk with your doctor about this.
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