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chronic pain how do deal

Does anyone have chronic pain 24/7. How do you handle it without pain pills? Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks and God bless all!
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I have severe back issues that its doubtful surgery can correct. For several years I believed it was not possible to deal with the pain without pills. My addict nature made it far worse, so getting clean became my only option.
I have discovered that opiates increase my brain's sensitivity to pain. When I was regularly taking oxycodone, and my pill wore off. my back screamed with pain.
Now being off pain meds for10 months, my pain levels are much, much less. I use Advil or Tylenol once in a while. The chronic deep pain is still there, but my mind ignores it a lot of the day. Sure, there are times I hurt, but I'll take that any day to being slave to pills. I am not afraid of my pain now, it is just a signal to slow down. I also daily do a set of Pilates exercises designed for compromised backs. Jacuzzi, aqua, Tens, anything but pills.
I think there are folks that absolutely need meds to control pain. But I also think there are many more people that don't need opiates, and who in fact worsen their situation with them. Way overused these days.
Dealing successfully with pain does not mean numbing yourself to the point of feeling nothing. I think of it as a spiritual journey to get more in touch with myself and my body-becoming more aware, not less, and in the process, escaping the slavery to pain, pills, and my hungry buzzloving addict beast.
Everyone is different. My point is that pain pills are not the only answer for pain.
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Hi there! I too suffer from chronic back pain that is pretty severe at times. I second everything that Oxytired said. The more distance you are able to put between you and the opiates, the less pain you will have. Often times we have more pain when we are on long term opiate use. I know this sounds totally backwards, but it's true. Once you are off of opiates for awhile, your body will start to produce it's natural pain fighting chemicals that are depleted, or non existent during opiate use. You will be able to deal with pain much better and you will find OTC pain relievers, rest, ice, heat, massage, etc all help to keep the pain manageable. It also helps to exercise. Low impact exercise, just whatever you can do really helps to strengthen your body and decrease pain levels. It is possible to deal with chronic pain without opiates. You can do this! Please stick around and keep posting. We are here for you. Take care and good luck to you!
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I have cronic pain also..I found when I was on pain meds ,the more I took the worse the pain would get.The longer u r off,as it leaves the body,it seams to get better.Well,it never goes away.I am still in pain everyday,I just try and do things to take my mind off it.I wont lie if the medical problems r still there,the pain never goes completely..I just dont think of the pills anymore as a way to help it..But,we all can do it...U can do it..Good luck and keep posting
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Thanks to all for encouraging me. I knew there is other chronic pain people out there. I'm really hoping pain subsidies in more time. I really don't want go back on daily use of pills. It appears need surgery on shoulder again and surgery on knee. But I'm praying for Devine miracle which I know Jesus is bigger than pain.
I'm praying for all
Thanks again.
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Hi there, google " California Poppy "
Recommended dose- 3/4 tspn once before bed.
It is a potent pain killer- non-addictive.
Equivelant to oxycodone, oxycodeine.
Its a natural medicine for all types of serious and excruciating pain that is highly proven to work.
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Very interested in "ca poppy" where do u get it. I looked on net lots of places. Do u have place where u purchase. Thanks great information
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Hey there. Im pretty sure on line or a natural shop like a health food store : )
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Watch out. Poppy will throw false positives if you take a drug test. Like for a job you have or if getting hired. Make sure you let anyone know beforehand.  
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So I bought "California poppy" last night. I took it.  Have u heard of it caused severe rls. Thought I was past that. It came back full force. Is this normal. Also woke me up instead of sleep. Did help with pain.
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