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coughing and withdrawal?

  Hi medhelp friends, well, today is my 5th day off methadone and I have not stopped coughing, I don't have a cold or anything, just keep coughing like crazy!....I know for the 7+ yrs I was on methadone it seems like I never coughed at all.  I know sneezing is part of the withdrawal, but coughing?  I'm not sick at all, I know it probably sounds strange, but has this happened to any of you?........thanks in advance!...........Teri :)
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Hi Teri,

5 days!!! You are doing awesome.  Yes, the coughing is normal for detox.  Your respiratory system was suppressed by the methadone and now it is coming back to life.  If you have access to an infrared sauna, it really helps to speed up the detox process.  Cardio helps immensely too.  I know you are feeling like crap, but the more you sweat, and encourage your heart and lungs to work, the better you will feel.  Think of the coughing, sneezing, GI flushing, sweating as your body ridding itself of poison and healing- because it is.  You want to support it to do this as much as you can.  Be sure to drink LOTS of water.  And hey girl, I am so proud of you...You are doing this!

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I have never been on Methadone but I did jump off a high amount of oxy....  I never ever once sneezed.  Craziest thing.  BUT I Coughed like crazy.  Everything I read said that I would but I didn't...  All I did was cough like crazy and it drove me nuts,   It started to subside at 14ish days or so...

Hope this helps.

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Do you smoke too? I noticed that because the respiratory system was slowed when it picked back up all the nasty stuff in my lungs came.out which also made me in able to smoke cigs without puking.
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   Hi guys thanks, wow ...what don't withdrawals cause!!????  Thanks Lu - your the best!  addicted2long - no I don't smoke, but the way I'm coughing you'd think I do!  Northeast - I guess you  kinda got lucky and just had the cough without the sneezing, gosh you should hear me...I cough and sneeze at the same time!...lol!..........Teri  :)
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The coughing is the worst! Is there a way to treat the coughing?
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You are doing great!! Wow!! 5 ...FIVE days!  Yeah...coughing, sneezing. Chills, it's all part of the WD's. Soon....very soon I will be able to celebrate 2 1/2 years off methadone. Absolutely....ABSOLUTELY...the best decision I ever made. It was tough..I'm not gonna lie to ya. But it was most definitely well worth it. It's just something that you really have to set your mind to and follow thru with it. Nobody else can help you with that part..it's all you. But believe it or not, we all have a power within ourselves that we didn't even know existed. You just have to find it. Dig deep...and lo and behold..it IS there!! Good luck my friend. Believe in yourself...just as others around you do! You got this!!
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