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day 1

Woke up this morning and all that was on my mind was going to get a vicodine..I am feeling ok for now..But fighting with myself not to use...Feeling tired and pissed off how I got so dependent of pills..
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Congrats on day 1....today is better than yesterday. Push through the urges, as they do let up after a little time. Put it in your mind that taking "a pill" is not an option. Otherwise, you will drive yourself nuts. We know that one pill is never enough.

I wanted one pill and did it a few weeks backs and trust me, it's not worth it! Was waiting for that feeling of "ahhh" and it never came. I ended up being super pissed at myself and had to start my clean days all over again.

Hang in there and keep posting!
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Day one is tough. Mostly mental though. Your w/d shouldn't be too bad today. Like sweatinit said, tell yourself that taking a pill is not an option. And do not keep any any in the house. The temptation is too great to use. I had to cut off ALL contact with  my suppliers, which was hard to do because I wanted to have that option in case the w/d got to be more than i could handle. I was never successful until I did that.
Just remember that you are not alone and you CAN get through this. Nothing worth having is easy:) I will be praying for you!
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I agree with sweatinit. I could not have put it better myself. I did the same exact thing. Just one...I'll take just one to lighten my mood and be happy with that. One didnt do what I wanted it to do, so i took another half. After that I only felt depressed and extremely pissed at myself for the rest of the night. Totally not worth it all. Stay strong, you can do it.
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