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dependent not addicted

Hi all, I know there's a lot a fatal about controlling cravings. I don't crave at all, that I'm aware of. I've used codeine 30 mg 12 a day + for bowel control. I would like to stop prior to a major surgery but the physical wd I can't handle. I am meeting with my pain mgmt doc tomorrow and want to go in educated.  Iyo would the clinic in and neurotin help with this type if there are no cravings. I do take tramadol every other month,  might this be a possibility?  I suffer from anxiety and take 2 mg of xanax a day.  This helps a little,  but don't want to increase one drug to get off another. I don't seem to have issues with it?
Thank you.
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I echo the above...

Have you ever run out of your codeine or Xanax? How you felt would be a good indicator of any issues.

If you can't handle the wd's then you could taper off. You'll have a few wd's but they would be tolerable. Ask the doctor to help you taper off.

FYI- Tramadol is considered a narcotic, acts like an opiate,is addicting if taken daily, and contains an antidepressant composition similar to Effexor.  
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Yeah, I agree w/ Spike6095.  Bowel control? A dr. prescribes 12 pills a day for that???!!!
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12 pills daily of 30mg codeine and 2 mg of Xanax daily and you don't have a issue. How is that possible, please explain
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