ok im not sure if the forum is old but came across this, I have been on methadone for many years now for chronic pain, in the past I did go thru a methadone clinic and over time I detoxed 2 0 and was clean,the only symptoms I remember was being tired for a lil while n within 2 weeks I was normal.i then had a bout of medical problems requiring the need for pain meds well my mistake I was right pack where I started. I do not take a high dose my doc wanted me on 80mg a day but I only took 30mg and that's what I had taken for the past years sometimes less, so I am really wanting away from all this it is a major inconvience to my life, I am older now n do not have the mind set that I had to begin with like enjoying the meds, I do not get a buzz I never have taken the full dose. I had some pain but I thought im better 2 stay on a lower dose n deal with some pain. so I have recently decided to detox I am on 20 mgs for 3 days now im gonna stay at this until the 7th day then im gonna drop 5mg to 15 if I feel bad then im going to cut a 10mg n 1/2 and then 1/2 the other 5 mg 2 make abt 17 1/2 mg for a week and so on.once I reach the 5mg I would like to 1/2 that and when im stable at 1/2 of 5mg im goin to continue to half that and so on til im off my question is what are some good vitamins and rememdies for w/d if I go thru some really tough times.im trying to go slow til down to nothing to give my body time to get use to each drop so that by the time im at the tinest amount I can make the transition easier, im not good with bad withdrawls n I end up caving at abt 3 days so im trying and focusing on making it the least amount of pain as possible so any ideas sorry post is so long thanks 2 all n hope the best n ur recovery
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I am taking 17 mg of methadone daily, started 20 yrs ago, it took a long time to get down to that level. I am at 4th week of peg and ribo, and am getting ready to start victrellus. I take a vitmin for people on methadone called " VITADONE"
It makes a differance with methadone side effects, and gives more energy.
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Hang onto your posting u came to a safe place. I used the methedone for 12yrs plus others. It can be done...It sounds like you have a plan.
Every one on here has great advise. Alot of us have used the vit/min..I used lig that was from a natural source because it is all in one Vit/Min.
Used the manz,ds,cal for sleep then started to add amino acids LOTS out there and the melatonin. I did use the clonidine for 2 weeks in the first month, at night only. There is sooo much to know out here. There will be others to give u there experinces. Just hang tight..Diet and exercise is inportant and aftercare..

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