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dont undeerstand

for being a dialysis day it hasnt been bad slept most of the afternoon, visited with my brother for a bit and watched some seinfeld.. went and took a nice hot bath to relax and got out was getting dressed and all of the sudden despair depression overwelmed me, now i am sitting crying and dont know why// IF ANYONE CAN HELP PLEASE DO
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I am sorry you feel so depressed. I wish there was something I could do to fix it. I will pray for you. Is there anyone that lives near you that you can call or invite over? It will get better...I know that doesn't help but I promise it is true! Please keep posting!
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I had that happen often durning detox it is overwhelming you just want to cry .Sometimes letting yourself just,go cry get it out can help.If you can get outside even for short walks it can really help. I will say a prayer for you ,it will get better with time :)
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My first thing is to check out the Amino Acid Protocol - one of the amino's (I forgot which) is specifically for depression....and the rest of them are just plain good for you - all nutrition comes into play so take all of your vitamins!

Unfortunately you are experiencing a rather common thing....but I will tell you that it gets better pretty fast - and it keeps getting better. I used lexapro (RX item) when I was in your shoes - check out the health pages at lower right hand corner of page - read the PAWS information - and the Amino Acid Protocol - both will do you a world of good.
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I'm here for you.........know how you feel sometimes you just need a hug so here goes
))))))))))))))))))))))))))))HUGZ(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Hope you feel better. Try to have a good rest of the night. Jen
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im sorry your having bad depression right now. sometimes it comes on so quick and can be crippling. hang in there, it will pass. let us know your ok, everyone here cares.
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was a dialysis nurse at one time...that can be very stressful on ur whole body...i am sorry ..other than to tell u it will pass...it is hard to really help):..sneding smiles ur way (: and prayers...some of the aminos help with depression if u r not on something for it...also, being on dialysis it is best to check before u take any vitamins and such...hope u r feeling better....why r u on dialysis?.
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