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i'm a 19 year old girl,i have been using drugs since i was 14 almost every weekend, from exstacy to snorting narcotics and everything inbetween. At first it was just a laugh, i'm not a confident person but when i'm on drugs i'm the life and soul, my problems disappear and i'm happy. The past few months i have been worried about the damage i am doing to my body and a few weeks ago my worries came true.I had been having nose bleeds about two years ago but thought nothing of it and they went away, but recently i have noticed that my nose has a large dent in the middle, my nostrils have gone noticeably wider, especially the right side, my septum is getting thinner and i can put my finger right up it and it will just keep on going, two big black holes in my nose. I also have constant ringing in my ears and my life is a big mess. When i came in from a party and noticed my nose was caving in i promised my self, that was it, but the only way i can stop is to not go out and seperate from the only friends that i have because i just can't stop.i'm currently searching for help because for the first time in over 5 years i have realised i am addicted to drugs.i'm scared of losing the people who love me the most and scared of messing their lives up more than i have already messed my own.i know i will stop because i have to, its just getting the right help.If anyone has any advice or has been in a similar situation it would be greatly appreciated.thanks x
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Welcome to the forum you will find lots of support and information here. I am glad to hear you want to get your life back and we can help you with that but the work will be up to you. I know people will ask you exactly what you are using and how often...and are you still using or when was the last time you used. Do you have the option to go to an inpatient rehab?
glad you are here!
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thanks for replying, i mostly use ket,exstacy and coke and its near enough every weekend. last time i used was on saturday night/sunday.i'm not sure about the inpatient rehab but i will look into it, i'll also be going to see the doctor this week
kate x
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im glad your reaching out for help. you are so young and can put this behind you now, before it's too late. the fact you are now having problems with your nose is a bad sign. stop now before you get a deviated septum, or worse yet a heart attack. i have a deviated septum from using coke and you don't want this to happen, it's very very very messy. hope you keep posting and work on getting clean. good luck to you.
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You are doing the right thing by addresssing this now - - I wish that I had been that smart - good work and good luck. Stick to it....
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