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feel normal after a opiate addiction

Hello,  I am 30 and have been using drugs for about10 years.  My main addiction now is oxy's or roxy's which is Oxycontin.  I want to be off everything so bad, but have no motivation without the drugs.  I've tried so much and have been through so much.  I've used needles for about 2 or 3 years but have stopped recently.  My question is will I ever feel normal again.  I'm on antidepressant's and adderall  I figured I might get some motivation and make me happier (get out of bed) with those meds.  but they don't seem to work forever and I always end back on the oc's.  How long does it normally take for an addict to feel normal again assuming he or she has been completely sober the whole time.  Is this even possible or have I messed up the chemistry in my brain that bad?  Please all information is very much appreciated..  HAPPY NEW YEAR    My intentions are to leave last decade behind and never come back.
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Are you going to NA or AA meetings..for me the mental addiction needed to be dealt with.   Go to meetings and get support from others like you...without shame.  YOu can do it and try another antidepressent if that one isn't working.  Join a health club I started swimming and it did wonders for me physically and mentally.  You must get help from outside yourself..left to our own devices an addict will always lose to the addiction.  I am so grateful to be sober today.  I was terrified of life without the pills but it does get better.  It took you years to get here don't expect to get better over night.  Good luck.
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Hi and Welcome!
I don't know about the needles etc, I only know about regular lortabs....opiates ingested via the esophagus.
I have tapered my way down to 3 per day, from 40. I had to have help, someone who I trust that would keep my drugs from me, dole them to me, and set up a schedule. You have to want to NOT use over wanting the high. You have to stop chasing it, if you do decide to taper.
If you can not do it  this way, there are many options out there. And many people on here with far greater knowledge than me can tell you (after they wake up from sober partying!)
It's a wonderful way to start the new year, and I wish all the best!
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hi and welcome...yes you will feel normal but everyone is different.  i was a heavy user for almost 4 years...did the ct and felt bad physically for about 5 days...then the mental stuff hits...like you mentioned (no motivation)  i did not like this part of wds and never thought i would feel good....i felt normal about 2 weeks in but didn t really feel great for about 2 months or better...it just takes time for our brains and body to return to normal...just be patient and you will feel wonderful.....maria :)
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I guess I'd answer by asking you:  What is normal (to you?)  and secondly:  Have you honestly ever felt 'normal?'

I was on oxy a long, long time.  It took me weeks for the acute w/d symptoms to go away.  It took months before I stopped having other weird (but not horrible) symptoms.  Truth be told, I don't think I felt 100% normal for about a year.

Getting clean requires patience.  As I heard from someone in a meeting "Time takes time. "   Good luck to you.
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I'm happy that you've stopped using.  Trust me there's a better side to what you're feeling right now.  I know it seems like it will never end but out will.  Making short term goals like take a shower, make my bed, make a resume helped me until they helped achieve long term goals like saving money buying important things not just drugs.  I promise you though this too shall pass.  Try to think good thoughts and if you have a faith look to it.  I wish you the best no matter what.
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How long have you been clean? Do you feel happy? Serious question
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