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feeling again.....

  well today is the 14th day methadone free for me, I can't believe how much better I feel not having that poison running through my body, I can't believe how much better food tastes, music sounds, even looking at the stars at night....I never realized just how much opiates numb everything up!....Life is soooo much better sober!!!!......:)
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Hey Teri.....I fully agree about how much better and clearer things look sober...I wanted to congratulate you on your HUGE accomplishment...I stand in awe of what you've done as I KNOW the difficulties it entailed...I am SOOO HAPPY for YOU!!! I always have your back anytime you need....peace and prayers....

Your Friend
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yes uu r so right ..... life is so much better without drugs.
all the best for the future.
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Absolutly and for me every week is a little better!
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awesome!!! i am so happy for you.
congrats on 2 clean weeks with many more to come.
you are on the recovery road, you go girl!!!
keep up the good work.
you are healing, day by day.
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Congrats to you on your clean time!!!  Life is good~~~sara
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I was just thinking about the taste buds today.......You are doing great!  I remember starting off and I was a few days behind you.  Seeing how positive and strong you were helped me a lot...Congrats!
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Teri your doing great coming off methadone ....I was still dope sick for around 90 days for you to be feeling so good is amazing you have slayed the dragon no it up to you for recovery but out of all I have worked with you have done the best CONGRATS to being free
your friend Mark
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