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In this trip with my husband, I have learned so much about addiction, the first thing to do to help a relative is to find out why he does it?  There are different reasons why the person becomes addicted, my husband started with medication, to treat back pain, but after he was on heroin, notice, what he was using, to sleep, do you know how I figured it out?  My husband fell asleep at night very deep and snoring loudly, and during the day he was always anxious, eating and eating, but that reaction was the body asking him for more drugs and he did not want to be seduced by them, only for the nights and to be able to "Sleep" because as I discovered why the Asia, then my conversations with him were sweet as honey, telling him all the damage that he was doing himself, that there are other methods which he could use to sleep, and that he very soon would not I was going to be able to continue controlling, something that is stronger to destroy him than he, firstly I asked God Almighty to put a word in my mouth to be able to convince him and help him, after he took a little consciousness, he entered the Suboxone, then here it is where I kept giving him my Apollo, telling him you can, you are going to achieve it this is a process, I will be with you, until you are well, one thing, the suboxone is a double-edged soul, my husband could clean himself of the oxycodone and it was better than you  I have heard this process so long, but at the time it was not what Suboxone was and not what it was practically another drug, this post is for people who want to help a family member, a family member, a friend etc ... they have to want, wish a change of life, you have to want to clean yourself 2 put God in your life as number one in everything, 3 have support or a reason, what more reason than wanting to be in health always and be alive 4 not to decrease using other drugs, because, it will remain hooked on the other, slowing down is recommended, 5 my husband bought everything he would need for retirement, later I will publish a list of everything we use.  If people looked at themselves, they would see how special each of us is, that life is beautiful without drugs, that we sometimes think that we have big problems, but later on someone else has a bigger problem than yours, serenity, love , understanding, Apollo, love of God, because he teaches the true way.  I will leave a list of the medications used for the retreat, everything that I collect, and natural things that my husband used in the retreat, I will leave it here;)
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