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hello all. my brother is working on getting me clean. day 3 so far. he has done everything from back rubs ( 2 spine fusions and a 3rd in november) to controling my meds. by meds i mean anti nasua and alieve. i have crashed before and it was hell. for some reason it doesnt seem that bad yet. i dont know if it is the support or what. it was to the point i was trying to od to make it stop. dont get me wrong this is no cake walk. but i dont know where i would be if my brother had not shown up to get me. the scariest part is going to be when i am back at my house. i do have a wife but not the most supportive. i already called my family doctor and told her so i cant get any more pills. i would like to thank all those before me that have doen it. help is very hard to find on our own and reading your stories and post do help. i dont care if it is only day one, someone else is on day 2 and the post do help
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Good job on the detox!!! Keep your head up and remember it doesn't last forever. Give your brother a big hug!!! He deserves some kudos too!!:)
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Awesome job!!! thanks for the uplifting post, I really needed it .Family is a gift ,not a right,very lucky man, blessings j34
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Well done.... make sure that you keep hydrated by drinking a lot of fluids ( gatorades, apple/orange juice, green tea, vitamin water, coconut water, water , tonic water... whatever you feel like :)  and take long hot baths, they will help yoou feeling better :)

how are you doing now ?
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