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how addictive is Kratom?

i am taking Kratom as I wean off subox. Today, I missed my dose of sub and took a cup of K instead. Then by 3pm I took .5mg, and carried on. i am trying to displace Sub with Kratom,.. so how addictive is K ?
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I admit I haven't heard of kratom but I did do some research via the Internet and reached out to old "friends." Doses higher than 15mg give u the same feeling as being on oxy's. Less than that tho it can help with withdrawal. You also need to make sure that what ur taking doesn't have any harmful interactions. I'd say at .5 tho ur prob fine. However with an addictive personality that all of us addicts have, watch out. If u start going higher with K than it is as addictive as opiates.
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