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how do i..

How am i able to function properly at my job even tho sometimes i do a lot of coke? I can stop using it and not even worry about it for months if i have to ... i mean like im not truly addicted i was at first but i caught myself and went cold turkey but i can not use then do damn near a whole ball to myself i dont want to leave while im high like go out or see people but once i come down im cool eat sleep shower can go to work sometimes i get high and just lay still feeling the effect laying in bed then ill wake up in the morning how can i honestly do a hard core drug and not be an addict? Its not like weed weed is a herb in my eyes not a drug but it helps me lift my mood after work i can not work high on marijuana but i can bump a fue during my work day only if my boss isnt working i feep like she would know lol everyone else the assistant manager and shift leaders im not worried about even tho they say i act different some times like down but im still able to preform and not be all geeked out like ive seen some people like i act completely different on cocaine then the people i know why is that?
Im just saying do some people need cocaine to be ok like you know people who get prescribed meds for theyre problems? Idk id just like to have a disscussion on this tho i have questions
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The "what kind of discussion are you wanting to have" comment is the best. One line is too many and 1000 is never enough. Either get Serious and count your blessings or come back when you find out for yourself. I'm not being critical. 99%of us including me opt for the personal walk through hell. Hope you are not among us!
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best of luck with the Im not and addict view of yourself and even if you think no one knows guess again do yourself a favor quit when your ahead I used COKE for over a decade and I was SURE no one knew hahahaa
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Ummm, what kind of discussion are you wanting to have?  Let me get this out in the open, first and foremost, your not going to get anyone (on this site) to tell you that yes, some people just need coke!  lol, I would love to be one of them for sure!  More than likely it helps you perform quicker at your job, that's all.  
Most addicts, CAN put their doc down for awhile....it's rationalizing....addicts do it all the time.  Perhaps coke just isn't the drug that will make you go down fast....I could put alcohol, weed, coke, all of that **** down for decent periods of time....it wasn't until I found pills that I boxed myself into a corner.  I can tell you this....non-addicts DON'T DO COKE AT WORK!!!  
With this post...what are you looking for? What are you searching? Do you want validation that b/c you can put it down, that means your not an addict? Not saying that to be ugly in any way, shape or form...just trying to figure where you want to go with this?  This site helps people when they decide they've had enough....they want their real lives back....btw....you will get caught doing that **** at work...it's inevitable...
Totally willing to discuss this with you.....:)
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