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how long will it take to withdraw off norco cold turkey?

I withdrew off suboxone only 4 days to have surgery and took norco for 10 days.  Now I am cold turkey to get everything out of me.  How long will I have to live in this hell before I feel like a person again? I am 24 hours into it. It is so unfair because I had to do this to get off the oxy 4 years ago, and now I have to do it again because of the crappy suboxone.
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Hi-  I know it's tough. It will be about 5-7 days and then you'll feel much better. Everyday improves after that.

Push a lot of fluids, 4-5 8oz glasses. Just rest and try some hot baths. If there's a particular problem you're having please let us know" we may have a suggestion.

Stay strong!
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my back is really hurting and i am shaking.
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Hi!  Take a hot shower or get in a hot tub.  Are you cold shaking or weak shaking or what kind?  Drink some gatorade and apple juice.  They both helped me a lot with aching in my back and legs.  Also, take some advil.  May not seem like much compared to norco, but you'll be surprised that it may help!!  Put a heating pad on your back.  Do you have one of those?  

Hang in there.  The worst could be over in about 72 hours after your last pill!  It always was for me.  Depends on the drug though.  You can do this!!! : )
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Hang on mommie! You should start feeling better in a couple of days! LeeAnn gave you good advice! Stay strong! You can make it through this! Keep posting! We are here for you!!
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The first 4 to 5 are tough, but you can do this!  Lots of hot baths/showers or hot tubs for the anxiety and RLS, Imodium, Amino Acid Protein Shakes, Bayer back and body for the aches and pains and lots of Gatorade. Start exercising as much as you can. Sweat like crazy and it will get you through this much quicker.   Great job and keep up the great work!
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Into the 3rd day did not sleep at all last night.  Having chills,and so anxious. Just can't sit still. I feel like I just can't take this much longer.  The gatorade does help.
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Hang tight. I have been there. Water n positive thoughts. tell urself u can do it. Breath in good air, blow out the bad.
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3to 5 days for the worst, 7 for fatigue a n anxiety, probly 10 for u start sleeping. course itdepends on the individual.hang in , it does end.....kk
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