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how long!!

How long will the skin crawling and restless legs go on!?  This is day two. I'm sitting up rocking myself and I feel so weak! Like I'm ready to give up. But I know I can't! I'm doing this for my kids and my family! Mostly I'm choosing my life and health over painkillers. How long does this go on!? I'm getting no sleep
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Hi after. You need to give it some time, my friend. Generally, days 2 through 4 is the worst.

Get Hyland's restless leg. It's in grocery stores, I believe. Also, go into a steaming hot bath w/ epsom salts and STAY in it.

Sleep is the last thing to come back. Yup, expect to sleep very little the next few days. Every second that passes, you are healing.

What were you on? How much?

Oh, and look up the Thomas recipe one here. That will give you some basics you should have stocked up during detox.
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Eek that was full of typos...sorry!
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Hey there turner.....good morn.  Welcome ......grats on your decision girl!  We've all been where you are now.  Hang on ...it won't last forever.  Maybe you could tell us a bit about yourself..what you were taking, how much, how long, and why?  These are all questions which will help determine the duration of your personal h3ll.  Lol.

It just feels like h3ll, but really this is your salvation ...the start of your new life. Once we know your back story ..it will be easier to help you get through it.

Don't go far...others will be by to help you cope too.

Yaaaaaay for you!  New life ahead!

((((8)))) spider hugs
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Hi The sleep thing is awful. Rls is worse. Ive posted a lot on here. I'm on day 18 off suboxone taper. I have two kids as well. I am totally with you on getting healthy for the kids. Definitely read up on a lot of the posts on here. There are some great veterans and they have a lot of ways to help the symptoms. Also keep posting for the support and encouragement. People here have hearts of gold and they'll keep you going. I spent a lot of my days passing time by reading every post and every answer on here. Good luck
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Welcome and congrats on Day 2!!!  You are doing it and you CAN make it through!  
I remember the first 4 days were really hard...  I forced myself to take the dog out for walks and that helped a LOT!  Just the fresh air and sunshine and the December cold!!!  It helped me to feel a bit better physically and I believe helped me to sleep some!  If you can get outside even if only for a few minutes do it!!  
Definitely look up the supplements as I believe they helped me tremendously!  Yes, it still was not fun but any little bit helps!  And the baths with Epsom salts works wonders...they will at the very least be relaxing and help draw out toxins and at the best they will help you sleep a bit!
Keep on posting and keep hanging on!  There can be such a wonderful life on the other side!!!  <3
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Welcome to the forum.....your profile pic says it all....love it!

You're in the "thick of it" and now is the time to just take it minute by minute or hour by hour....hang on.....your body and brain are literally kicking out the toxins!  Drink LOTS of water, a packet or two of Emergen-C every day will give you multiple needed nutrients both vitamins AND minerals plus electrolytes....and they taste good too.  I used a full size hot pad NON STOP to help calm me.  Epsom salt baths help, listening to music, watching funny anything, short walks, sunshine.  Your attitude plays a HUGE role in this...because 90% of it is mental.  I just told myself I wasn't going to use even if my butt fell off...LOL

Keep posting for support....let us know how you're doing.  We've all been where you are so we understand and have great compassion for you♥
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This part is only temporary so hang in there.  Your body needs to rid itself of the toxins.  Stay close to the forum as we are here to help.  You can do this~
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Hi  congrats on day 2..........just keep pushing forward  this is 1/3 physical and 2/3 mental so be ready to fight it out on both fronts....I have said this a million times but ''you just got to be ok without being ok for a wile''  this to shall pass  pick up a case of gatoraid and force the fluids it is critical that you dont dehydrate yourself  pick up some movies to keep you bizzy on the long nights  most people dont sleep take the time to read the other posts you wont feel so all alone and keep posting for support  where all here for you..........Gnarly
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I can tell ya... Just reading these made me feel so comforted. My attitude is definitely a struggle as well. I was taking percocet 10mg and lortabs 10mg or Roxy 30mg. It was a steady flow of all of the above. Not two hours went by I wasn't wanting more. I noticed it was a habit and I didnt need it. It seems my crawling skin happens at night. I've paced these country roads where I live so many times. I do feel dehydrated and didn't even realize how much I'm not drinking. It seems like every other thought is wanting something else. The kids are keeping me busy... Keeping me smiling. I've been reading up on others stories and new found happiness and I can't wait to feel normal again. I've forgotten what that's like. I was wondering... Are detox drinks and or programs good at this point?
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I took these out of pure stupidity in numbing any kind of reality that I didnt like or couldn't handle.
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Af- it's not stupidity, it's addiction. Some of the smartest people I know are addicts (including myself, ha.) It's bigger than any intellect. That's what's so baffling to people. So, recognize that so you don't bash yourself.

Not sure what a detox drink is but if it says it's a quick fix, forget it. Just keep drinking h20 and gatorade.
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