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how to detox from hydrocodone

This is my 2nd day with no hydrocodone. I am taking low doses of xanax to help with withdrawals. I've been on hyseo. For 2 or 3 years used then to sell medicate after a mental breakdown.  Any advice or can someone tell me when the worse will be over? I want to be normal again. Is this possible?  
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Sorry for the typos. I'm on mobile and was unable to see what I was typing.  
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Here in Canada, opioid addicts are given a tapering dose of methdone (still makes you a bit high) or suboxone (no high but no withdrawals either) in exchange for clean urine samples.
It's pretty much the only medically-accepted treatment here.
Not sure if that would be cost-prohibitive for you wherever you are.
Thanks. I've checked on the methadone clinic. I work put of town 3 days a week so they told me the program wouldn't work for me. ; (  I think I'm forced to do this alone.  I have absolutely no support here. I live alone.  Was hoping to get lots of advice here to get me thru this.  Thanks!
it takes about a week to get thru the hardest part of withdrawal to Normal takes longer.  Your brain has been given a vacation from having to work.  The drugs did all the work.  The reset is a process and could take several months.
You have taken first and hardest step.  I will see if I can find some info to give you. Give me a few and check your messages here.  I am happy you have begun the trip back to yourself.
You have to remember how opiates work, and why you feel depressed etc. when you quit taking them and after you are over the withdrawals and often why we keep craving long after the physical withdrawals are over.

Opiates bound to the opioid receptors in your brain and body. They release their artificial endorphins to them, and block the bodies natural endorphins. After a while the neurons that produce the body's natural endorphins disappear. There is no need for them so they just don't rejuvenate like they would normally.

When you stop taking the opiates,  they leave your opioid receptors bare, and they are calling out for your body's natural endorphins, but there isn't any there at first. You body has to repopulate the neurons that make them, and this takes time.

Endorphins like dopamine  control your moods, anxiety, sadness, anger, happiness, pain etc.

You will slowly get your "old self" back as these neurons repopulate and begin increasing their endorphins production. After being off the opiates for a month, they should be about 45-50% of normal, and be back to normal within a year.
So hang in there, you will feel better and better as the months roll by.

Try keep busy and keep your mind focused on positive things instead of dwelling on the depression, anxiety, etc. that are only temporary and will disappear as your endorphins return to normal.

Thank you so much. This is good information to have so I know what I have to deal with. Today will be tough.  I have to get up and go to work for 3 days.  
UPDATE : working on my 4th day.  I started taking an allergy pill and found it helps with muscle pain and sleeping.  Very low dose of xanax.  I've never liked xanax so I know as soon as this passes i will be off them.  I have a low tolerance for them
  Just a small peice gets me through an anxity spell.  Love this forum. It's helping me to read thru others post.  THANKS!
great...epsom salt bathes help as well
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Great info girl.....great post!!
ty...I have missed being here!
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Ive read exercise helps.  Does anyone know if it speeds up the rebuilding process of endorphines/neurons?
maybe...it can't hurt.
I'm not able to exercise yet. I picked up some good omega 3, amino acids, and L Triptaphan. That had a certain magnisium in it for depression. I sleep 8 hours lastnight. So far my mind feels better this morning that I've felt in a long time. I haven't had any cravings for the pain pills. Clean over a week.  I even had one here just to prove to myself I could do this.  It's now gone. I know I totally messed up when I started self medicating with them.. I've never been one for drugs. It was a quick fix for my problem at the time but definitely caused more problems later.
sounds like you are on your way.  Have you cut ties to all sources??
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Hey Bigskillz, it definitely helps! Even 30 minutes a day helps...I am back to an hour a day. I have been having sleep issues, so once my sleep is better I can go back to two hours a day :-)
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Hello! I hope you are doing well. Everyday will get better and better...drink lots of fluid, protein and exercise....you will feel better! Congrats on taking your life back!
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I understand the self medicating totally....if you cannot exercise,just walking around a bit will help. I was really dizzy at first. I felt like a newborn filly, lol...it gets better....one day at a day...good luck!
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Where can I post another question? I'm mobile and not seeing it. Thanks
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Hi muffin  look at the top of the page for a button that says post a question  type in a title and post....so been following you post for a wile  you should be threw the phyical for the most part  for many sleep is a issue for a wile longer  just hang tight  better days are a head of you  have you thought about aftercare yet????  this is a critical step please dont skip it...I always recamend the N/A progam  it is free the meetings are only a hour long and it will help treat the addict inside your head   it has been a life saver for me...it will give you someplace to share where the people will understand so google a N/A meeting near you....keep posting for support
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