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how to get through Tramadol (plus other) withdrawel in one piece, step by step

actually found this forum by mere chance of desperation
whilst googling I came cross "Emily Post's Journal" somewhere here on the forum
this could be the linky


sent a distress call and Rosy and Heather directed me to here
please find below said destress call and maybe you could furnish me with some help
will also read more through this file etc

head is moodled/moddled up, hope the below makes sense

what is actually my question?
how to get through Tramadol (plus other) withdrawel in one piece, step by step

one thing is for sure: in this battle I will come out as the winner and Tramodol as the big looser

destress call

I am another one glad to have found you
thanks for keeping the thread going
am a few years back to you and slowly reading my way up but thought of jumping on here to let you know of how thankful I am to you all

am all over the place, vomiting, shaking, emotional, angry you name it

not quite sure if I am on day 2 or 5

but I started now to detox and I will get through it! I am stubborn! and this thread will help me through!!!

am/was on a combo of venlafanine, quetiapine, paracetamol, tramadol, quinine and zopiclone
for depression, chronic pain/fibroyalgia, ME, mscle spasms, insomnia etc

my (clever - not) idea was to come off the venla (plus quetiapine) because after years of taking them, they don't make a difference anymore and
"why "inhabit" a reuptake of serotonin when I can take something to increase it (5htp)?" was the thought and wondered why my GP (I think that is what he said at the time) said there is no such thing ...

successfully reduced more and more, no probs until reached a certain dose and than stayed on it for some time now

anyway, far to shakie etc  now

thought I reduce and will stop the venla etc and slowly start taking 5HTP
thought was good until .... I couldn't say what it was that hit me first

anyway, getting the shakes and sweats and vomiting etc I thought it might be to much serotine floating around and treading very carefully around the 5HTP now, actually only took 3 in about a week and stop now, no need to mess me around even more

didn't know that Tramadol has anti-d in it too and am shocked at what I read so far

stopped Tramadol now too, hence no idea which day I am but am rubbish therefore must stil be in days 1 to 4 ish
sorry, concentration on low and dexterity of fingers on keyboard a hit and miss ...
will continue to read and will get through
went through other withdrawels before but nothing close to this

because of the non sleeping I tried to ease myself of to sleep with  zopiclone last night but even after 3 (!) I was wide awake and I am very sensible in taking zopi and can go without for weeks etc without a problem

regardless of that my GP gives zopi to me very reluctantly ( because of withdrawel - not) but dishes out the Tramadol like sweets the brain zaps etc

my brain is all over the place and reminder of head frequently vomiting over the bucket

drinking sips of water to keep the vomiting experience of "wrenching out my guts" to a minimum
can rely on the "am I dying, or what? and when hopefully soon" - thought train
can't wait for it to be over

any ad hoc tips welcome

lots of love

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thank you

things are "setteling"
added some watered down veggie stock to my rice cakes
taking fractions of the other meds, not the tramadol, just to keep me floating
headache turned into full blown migraine but the fractions help to settle this

God bless
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whilst I was sticking/sweating/vomiting it out to get better I thought (a thought of tapering)

trap this demon in a cage
as long as it is strong(er than I am), feed it just enough not to try to escape
to wait its chance so to speak
if I don't feed it, it will try to break out and get me again
when it gets weaker and weaker it won't have the strenght to break out
and then, when it gets even more weaker and weaker
I will be able to throttle it

or something down the line like that
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Do you have a cat? I like your get well room. Be safe. Pamela
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Good analogy lulu. That's essentially what beating addiction is all about.  You starve it till its to weak to be a problem.  Looks like your getting good coherent thoughti back.  Your doing awesome!
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hi Pamela,

used to live with cats - not well enough to care for one at the moment - just the thought of he smell of cat food - yuck
nevertheless neighbours's cats come in on a regular base - living on a busy cat garden-cross-road

thanks for liking the cage
the brute doesn't know yet it's in there , hehehehe

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Lulu. You are witty & wonderful !
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