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i need help

Hello everybody..  I've been addicted to sniffing heroin for awhile now. I also work two jobs. So in my mind I feel as if I don't do it I'll be unable too function and can't work. Recently I was found nodding off at work and I've came to the conclusion that I must quit. I need help.. my question is in regards will percoset or cocaine help me with my withdrawals? I must work and I have to do this while working. I have no choice. Please, any assistance will be appreciated...
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Hi.  I don't believe that anyone here would advocate your use of one street drug to get off another.  This sort of thinking simply doesn't make sense - you need HELP, by going to inpatient rehab and continued intense counseling.  Heroin is BAD mojo, and so is cocaine.  They wreck people's lives in devastating ways, which is why they are illegal.  Ask yourself this: would you NEED 2 jobs if you were not an addict?  I suspect that heroin isn't cheap (I don't really know) and neither is cocaine.  Percocet isn't even part of this question because it won't do what YOU want it to.  Please seek help ASAP, and keep us updated - we want to know how you are doing!
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I sniffed heroin when I was 15/16 for almost a whole summer I thought I needed it after awhile just to go talk to people it had the reverse effect on me as coke did if I did coke I shut up and want to sit and chill the heroin made me alert and ready for the minute I quit later that fall and never went back then fast forward 20 years and pills took its place off and on ive been clean 34 days now and feel great I wish you luck.  By the way the power don't make you do anything better that's your mind playing tricks ..
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