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i want to detox myself!!!!! METHADONE..

i been on methadone 5yrs  for cronic pain..the pain is there still..but the methadone is causing me alot of illness..im also bipolar 1 among others..i have fear of mixing the meds with methadone..i was at a high dose of 160 mgs aday when waffers were around..i detoxed from 160 aday to 20 mgs..went CT..

now im on 10 mgs aday  i want to just go off  ct again..will the 10 be as bad as the 20 mgs was??..i went down 5 mgs in Feb,,i never got to dope sick..just couldnt sleep..and heart racing..i have benzos to get me threw the anxtys..i been having contraption so bad thjat my doc said i have tpo let it go..i was in the er  yesterday...i havent went poo  for 7 days..i wasent impacted but full..they put me on miralax its helping....

i need to take my physc meds..but my pains will still be there...lower lumbar and facet,,both knees..im in pain with the methadone..im only on 10 mgs.. i thought  about just dropping 5 mgs..but really i need to get off...like i say i did this 2 times..pain docter talked me into it last time..

so im wondering if i get threw the phiscal withdralws..will the new meds help mt mental status,,wile  the mental status off the methadone??  kinda like robbing perter to pay pall

cuz the last time i went off  the 20 mgs i went 45 days..i felt like a zombie about a week..no motivation at all....so let me know if  the mental part of withdralws..will mess up a med for bipolar the med  is lamictail... thanks   james
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hey dude...I just went off methadone 38days ago..im also bi/polar so I know what it is like as for the withdrawals the physical part is over I came off 150mg over 8 1/2 mo
went down to 1mg of methadone...my phyc dr insisted I do it that way to avoid a manic episode ...now it is difficult to tell what is withdrawals and what is bi/polar....your mind
gets kinda hyper/alert when the fog of the methadone wheres off...it takes some getting use to...my mind has been in overdrive for like weeks now..I was so use to a quite
mind that methadone gives you...sleeping is a bit difficult only been able to get like 4hr a night...right now the only 2 things that linger around are the anxiety and the lack of energy ...liquid B-complex helps alot with the energy...my phyc dr gives me zanex for the anxiety it dosent cure it but it takes the edge off...getting off the methadone although difficult..is only one part of the solution you got to be ready for the games your mind will play with you..its like all of a sudden life is in tecnacolor
and much more vivid then will under the influence so prepare your self mentally
for what is to come...keep posting there are alot of people here to suport you as you detox and after....good luck and god bless...Gnarly      
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It will be easier to detox off of 10 than 20 mg. In my experience that's the cutoff because less than 10 doesn't hold you 24 hours so it's easier. all the best
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