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lesson learned today

I have learned a very valuable lesson today. While I was helping someone today that I have never met, I realized that what started out as an intent to lend a hand to someone, I was the one that received the gift!

I think most will agree that we (addicts) tend to be self centered. I know that I get consumed with “self” and often throw pity parties (bashes really) for myself; my life suks, this suks, poor me, I want to use…blady, blady, blady... If i can just step outside of my narcissistic self and think of others, do for other, my life will be so much better!

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So True.
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Hey there an old saying....you cant out give God....he notice what we do here on earth
and by freely giving to others we often get blessed back 6 fold and your right in a self centered world it is cool to find a place like this that people so freely give of them selfs
this forum practices a lot of Godly principals and reaps the rewards from it
weather there believers or not its the principals that count.....God bless....Gnarly  
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