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meegWpaw 120 days!!!

Let's all show our sweet Meegy some love!!! She is an amazing writer and we all love her journals!  Congratulations Meegy on 120 days you are a beautiful woman and I am so proud of you!!  I hope you have a super fantabulous day today!! :)
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I always enjoy reading your journals and reading what you have to say, you certainly have the coolest way with words, WORDOLOGY BABY!!! I couldn't be more proud of you, the ups and downs have been hellish BUT you held fast and fought through, GO MEEGY GO!!!

Much love and much respect, ;))
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Wow ! That's wonderful and I have no doubt your feeling on top of the world now ! Congratulations to you . Jimmy
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Congratulations on your 120 days!! It must be awesome. I'm right behind you. We're doing it one day at a time. God Bless
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Congratulations Meeg
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wow ty so much everyone I am truly shocked!  I just woke up and I was rubbing my eyes trying to get my vision straight like .... is that post for me?  awww mommymarie and all ty ty ty!  that really makes me feel good.  it was touch and go there for a while ... more than once ... but I guess I made it!  only with the help of all of you!  <3
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Hi Meegs! (drumroll pleeze) ...& Yes!! The band strikes up in celebration of your 4 Months (of Hard, hard work!!) Congratulations, my friend, stay strong ('cause you truly are you know) & keep knockin' them down. Healing, Joy & equanimity your way.
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My Meg-Pie..I am SOOOOOO Proud of YOU. You know how I feel about you so I am not going to get mushy. Just keep pushing forward even in those Bad times..lol
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jimmy, kk, tooter im really glad u posted to me, annie and ben you all mean so much ty.  I really needed this boost today :)
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yes I do know Vic wuv you!
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A very big shout out and congratulations to my beautiful friend for 120 days, 4months, of continuing to fight to live a clean and sober life.
this really makes me so happy for you my friend.
You are getting stronger each day. You are healing.
You are breaking free From the chains and bondage of addiction.
You are so awesome and you know how much I love you girl.

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Way to go girl!!!!! Treat yourself today by curling up with a good book and wrapped in a snugly blanket ;-)
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Congrats Meeg!  
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Pretty darn awesome Meeg!!!
You worked hard for this.
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120 DAYS!!!!  1/3 of a YEAR!!!!!!  4 MONTHS!!!!!!!  YEAH YOU MEEGY!!

The beautiful tapestry of your life is being woven...and though sometimes the threads look crooked and knotted from one side....the finished masterpiece of your recovery will be TRANSPLENDENT, Meegy!!!!!

Keep rockin your recovery~

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Meegy! You did it! I am so super proud of you! Keep on going baby girl! We love you and are with you always! Whoop whoop!  <3 <3 <3
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Sending lots of love. Happy, happy, happy for you.
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Congratulations on 120 days clean, that is a great achievement.
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Meegy! You are truly awesome girl! Congrats on a hard earned 120! Proud..hugs
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Happy 4 months Meegy!!! Yipee!!  Keep it up girl you are doing great.
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Wow Meg! Check you out!!!

Keep on rocking it!
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Congrats on the 120 days!
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Congratulations meegy on those hard fought clean days...
thank you for your support and encouragement over the last year.
I know you don't believe it.....but you have helped me stay clean

Keep doing the right thing....I will try and follow
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Great job Meegy!  You should be very proud of yourself.  Keep taking it one day at a time!
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