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methadone tx and weight gain

Hey all. I'm in a detox right now after relapsing again on heroin.  I am deathly afraid to leave here and use again.  But I'm also afraid to go on methadone (even low dose)(i have only been on heroin for the last year...but it took me all the way down really fast) because of the weight gain horror stories.  I actually managed to gain 20 lbs while on dope.  (quit working out and lived off mcd's $ menu for the last year) I'm dual diagnosed... also have had an eating disorder that was in remission for a long time.  Now its flaring up because of the weight gain thats already happened.  It really messes with my mental health and i typically end up drinking when im a mental mess...which will lead back to dope asap.  Any way, wondering if anyone has any advice.  I cant deal with weight gain, I'm trying to lose what i gained already. And i know weight gain is better than od'ing...but i seriously will have a mental health break down w/ this eating disorder ****.  does methadone about always lead to weight gain like ive seen other people share???  Keeping in mind im the only junkie who gains weight while using.  
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Hey, Steph. Wow, I can't tell you how much I relate to your post. It seems thus us eating disorder girls also have addiction issues. I'm learning that more and more. I, too am TERRIFIED of not being thin. And, like you, I gained about 10 lbs or so over the years of my using. Opiates make you lazy after a while, lots of folks gain weight. And although I'm very thin to the outside world still my eating disorder/addict brain thinks I need to lose weight. That said, why do you think you need methadone? So many peeps on here will tell you it's harder coming off that than heroin. The point is, that is just a substitute substance. The real issue is why do we think we need a substance to function. That's the work in recovery. And from what I've learned, that's how people STAY clean. As I'm sure you know, getting clean is easy compared to living life substance free long term.

I suggest AA/NA meetings to get support for the "effed up" thinking. Afterall, take away the substances, we're still addicts and we need help dealing.

Stick around here and keep posting:)
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Hi and welcome!  Jifmoc said it best...why do you need methadone!!??  A lot of people gain weight while on it!  I work at a methadone clinic and can tell you from just what I see and hear the majority of the people on it do gain weight!  What about going to an inpatient detox?  Do you have insurance?  Being inpatient could also help with the other issues and start to get you on the road to recovery!!!  Please keep posting and let us know how you are doing!!
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