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need to help a friend off smack, subbies?

hope someone out there can help. I have recently fallen for a girl who I have found out has a serious heroin addiction. she predominantly smokes it but has occasionally injected. she really wants to get clean & I believe her as I can see the person behind the drug. she has a son who was taken away from her & needs to be clean to stand any chance of being involved in his life. this is her main motivation, another reason I know she means it.
She has asked if I can get her subbies to help her get off & I really want to help but need some advice.
should it be subutex or soboxone to start, will these actually help & how can I get them in the uk.
she doesn't want to go to the Dr's as this will admit to the authorities she is still using and put pay to any hope she has of seeing her son.
please help it's killing me seeing her hurting herself so bad every day & I know she is so much better than what she does.

thanks in advance
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Nothing has ever weakened my constitution, or turned me into such a worm as did Heroin and opiates. I always wanted to quit but when it came to hour zero I would inevitably find just as compelling of a reason to postpone my intentions. I only quit when I ran out. We all run out sooner or later; we all quit one way or another.
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I have been following this post for some time now.

I just want to Wish you both the best!
YOU got all kinds of great info from all of the Above.
Just here for Support!

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Just sending a smile :)
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thanks yes have looked at naranon & couldn't find anything local.
yes we are both aware it is going to be a long process subs or not but the sooner she can get on them the sooner the process starts & the sooner she stops buying smack on the street.
I can see how serious she is & she knows she needs help with dealing with life & all it can through at you.
she saw her son yesterday & this has given her added strength/motivation. she is determined to get her son back & knows there is only one route to achieve this i.e. get clean.
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Gazzat- Is this all to get subs? As Jethro stated earlier, the only thing subs will do for her is keep her from buying heroin off the streets. She will still have to go through detox and participate in aftercare whether that's outpatient, 12 step etc. Subs alone are not going to make her the girl that you are hoping for. She, like the rest of us, have a long road of learning how to face reality. I don't mean to be harsh, just want you to avoid surprises.

Again, have you looked into alanon or naranon yet? Imperative for anyone involved w/ a using addict. Also, there is a "Living with an addict" forum on here that would prob be helpful for you.

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well we did the drug centre Friday, they will not do anything until she is registered with a dr. so been to Dr's today registered but that's gonna take a week.
how hard it is trying to work through the system, no wonder so many fail. Hope we can both be strong enough to get through the waiting. Can see why people resort to street stuff to get started.
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