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need to help a friend off smack, subbies?

hope someone out there can help. I have recently fallen for a girl who I have found out has a serious heroin addiction. she predominantly smokes it but has occasionally injected. she really wants to get clean & I believe her as I can see the person behind the drug. she has a son who was taken away from her & needs to be clean to stand any chance of being involved in his life. this is her main motivation, another reason I know she means it.
She has asked if I can get her subbies to help her get off & I really want to help but need some advice.
should it be subutex or soboxone to start, will these actually help & how can I get them in the uk.
she doesn't want to go to the Dr's as this will admit to the authorities she is still using and put pay to any hope she has of seeing her son.
please help it's killing me seeing her hurting herself so bad every day & I know she is so much better than what she does.

thanks in advance
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Totally agree with all Deb has said :)
I think it's also important to create a balance between being caring but also fairly firm - that's what I needed personally and I think being too soft won't help in the right direction but then being too firm neither so a good balance of both is good :)
Bare in mind the first difficult bit will be for her to be clean for 24 - 36 hours before taking the sub - or she'll go into precipitated withdrawal. But she probably knows that as she's tried subs before. At least she can tell how she will react to that drug. And the disciplined bit will be for her to go each day to the pharmacy to take her sub. Then couple months later they'll give her a prescription to take away. (Weekends she should get two or three days worth of what she needs)
Very glad you guys went to the drug center that's a good first step to her being able to be with her son so congrats to her and you :-) going into the right direction x
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Gaz..follow your heart,  but also protect it.  
It takes a special person to give as you are.  
You could be the one to make a difference in her life.
no one knows what you feel. ...what you are willing to give but you.
many ex addicts will say they couldn't have done it without support from someone that loves them. ...others will say run
While years ago I might have thought differently.  
I do believe in the right place at the right time, as I met someone who became very dear to me that is now near 2 years clean.  
Everyone else gave up on this person...I saw something more.  
No one knows the future...it's true you could be setting yourself up for deep pain, but on the flip side you could also be creating an amazing bond.
your heart is already invested...go into this with your eyes wide open.
We all have opinions, what works with and for one may be totally different for the next.  
Heroin is tough, some can CT others continuous relapses.  My son was continuous....he is alive only because of subs.  
Getting her off heroin is only the beginning.   My son is 3 years clean,  but everyday I still worry if something can push him over the edge.
it's life long. ..what is being pointed out to you.
Struggling with suboxone. ..yes.
I'm told its harder to come off of than heroin.  I've never used so I don't understand that side,  but being on the side of loving an addict... controlled suboxone, put my son in a much better place than heroin did.
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thanks glassguy & hope you make some headway with your daughter
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So sorry to hear she went awol on you I 've been keeping up with your story and I have a daughter that is in the same boat as her lost kids says she wants to be clean and the hole nine yard but when it comes down to it she disappears so I know how you feel she will only get the help she so desperatly needs on her own. Your not a lone.your a GREAT man for wanting to do something. Hat off too you and a hole lot of luck to you on whatever you do!!!!
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I jumped the gun there, found her and we're looking good, off to drug centre tomorrow.
hopefully it will work!
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do I give up to preserve my sanity????
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