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Hi I came on this site, looking to beat my oxy addiction. I just turned 20years old last month. I been snorting up to 8 to 12  oxy20ss for the last 6 months,160mg-240mg per day ( been snorting on and off since 2010)  I bought it from the street, I wasted ALMOST 20GRANDS over the last a year or so.  It has taken over my personal life and it had destroy my family also. I was a very happy person before this, I never thought I be hooked on this $hit. I bought my first car when I was 16 years old and had a very loving family. I was always the group leader in my crew growing up, I had lot of friends in highschool and was one of the cooler guys in the school, i would say. But EVERYTHING HAD CHANGED. I no longer talks to my dad anymore, and my mom is begging me to quit everyday. I cant keep seeing she cries over her drug addictioned son, ME. I droped out of college cuz I no longer can go into class withdrawaling cuz I couldnt found any the night before, I lost my job over me calling 7 sick days in a 25 day spams cuz of the withdrawal. I m no longer chasing the dragon , I just want my old life back, I want my family back. I dont want to keep on living this life style. I am on my 2nd with no oxy and i had a really horrible sleep last night , woke up 3 time and sweated so much where i though I pee the bed when i just soaked my entire bed with just my sweats
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Do you know that you are starting the same post on the same site for two days now? Members are replying to you in the original post but I am not sure you know how to read them or bring it up? We want to support and help you so if you see this let someone know and we can guide you to the responses from yesterday and today.
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Hey Sweety,
you can do this! You sound really serious and commited, and I believe you are gonna make it!!!
Drink ensure when you can't eat, and stay hydrated.

Day 4 will be the worst then it will get better each day from there. You will get anxiety and depression after that, but stay the course beause it GOES AWAY.
All those pesky symptoms like the restless leg and the sweating, they go away too, they get better and better untitl they are gone. I also lost my voice in a way, and had terrible ringing in my ears, all went away.

Its so wonderful once it is all over andyou have your life back. You care about your family, and that is great, you will surely be ok with them once you get your life back. It's so nice to smell again,adn to taste again,a dn to feel again, its wonderful.

hang in there, it is a dark road, but there is so much light at the end, and we are all here for you.
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Hey Wai, Keep posting for support. You can do this. Say positive and keep moving. Your worth this effort!
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You can do it bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...we both same shoes like u said we can overcome this BS and forget this bs! Feel betteR!!!
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I and other people answered you in you previous thread. You should keep posting on that one to avoid confusion. Go back there I posted another reply to you about the sweating.
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