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one month

I've not been on much. Just trying to be good. I've made a month. Thanks for all your encouraging words. Computer is back on so will be about again.


stay strong x

Zoe x
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Congratulations dear zoe! Thank you for updating us. Wow, a month is fantastic! Post when you can, hon.

Hugs and prayers and blessings from across the pond ;)

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Good to see u back.. that's great a month a long time. U doing great I am glad u let us know how u doing keep it up
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Welcome back my friend!!! Message me when you're up to it ok? Sending you strength and hope from Wisconsin!!! Stay strong!! Hugs!!~"A"
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Thank u Charlie. Hope u r well friend. X
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Zoea, I am so proud of you.  I knew you would eventually get there!  Keep up the good work.
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Welcome back Sweet Zoe - congrats on 30 days!  So good to see you
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How great is this!!  Congrats on 30 days!!  You can do anything you put your mind too~~~sara
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Ah thank u all. Never thought i would but I've worked very hard this time.

Took everything on board u all said. Im happy in myself and owe u all very much x

Zoe x
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People like you are an inspiration, especially to those just starting their detox journey. I remember your past posts, and am very proud of you. 30 is a landmark; enjoy it. Don't forget to let us know when you've hit 60 days.
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Congrats Zoe!! Im so happy for you! ((hugs))~Bkitty
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Well done Zoe!! Good to hear from you. So glad you're here.
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Nice one zoe.i knew u could do it :-)
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Zoea congrats on 1 mo that the first milestone im so happy for you good to here your computer is working again this is great therapy reading the posts I wish you well in your recovery keep up the good work good luck and God bless.........Gnarly
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Zoe.....  Sorry I missed this!  Congrats on 1 month!  Keep up the hard work!
You are doing great..

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