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oxycodone and Percocet pregnant?

I have taken low mg of oxycodone and Percocet throughout my whole pregnancy. for a week or two every month. I have struggled with the addiction for years which is why I would make myself only take 5/7mg a day.  im about to have a baby in a month. I am currently off them and feeling ok. I constantly worry about my baby having birth defects and have been battling depression and severe anxiety that I feel im losing my mind. Does it cause birth defects or could someone tell me their experience? Does it cause learning disabilities? anything helps. thank you
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Ah, sweetie, it's hard.  But you some women actually are on a low dose pain killer during pregnancy prescribed by their doctor.  It is always best to be up front with your doctor but am sure you are a little afraid of this.  I'm going to guess that your baby will be okay but what are you going to do to fight addiction once baby arrives?  Being mama means you have to be fully present and I know its stressful so thinking about these things now may help you.  Do you have any support?  Do you go to any group meetings or anything?   I think I'd talk to your doctor about the depression and anxiety. That happens on its own and hormones make it worse.  And once you deliver, it can get even worse with postpartum symptoms.  I want you and your baby to be safe!!   We're here for you hon.  Please keep talking to us!!  hugs
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