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percocet withdrawal and recovery

i began taking percocet about 2 years ago to help with kidney stones and endometriosis pain.  1 to 4 percs a day as needed.  after sometime the percs were not helping so i asked my dr for something else.  He gave me 10mg oxycotin.  i had the script filled 3 times, once for surgery. when i was done with the oxycotin.  I went through severe withdrawal, started with depression and quickly progressed into my worst nightmare.  I was still taking percs, that would help but not enough to make me feel better.  that was the worst week of my life and i immediately told the dr to never give the oxys to me again.  i stayed on percocet for another year sometimes 4-6 a day.  near the end of the month i would have to count and figure out how much i had left to get me through the rest of the month.  the problem was they weren't helping me with the pain anymore.  this week i ran out and actually considered getting someone to find them for me.  i decided i needed to get off the pills.  i was afraid about the withdrawal i had experienced with oxycotin and wondered if it would be the same. Tapering down DOES work.  i got down to 2 1/2 a day and then stopped.  the withdrawals were not as bad as when i stopped the oxys. but these last 5 days i will Never want to repeat EVER again.  sleeping is terrible, rls is driving me crazy.  right now i'm feeling better but at night would love to crawl out of my body and join back in, in the morning. irritablity foggy in my head , aches, and my stomach feels like i'm going to throw up so it's difficult to eat as well as for fear i will be running to the bathroom.  Day 5 is better.  I still think like i'm forgetting to do something and my energy level is sllllloooowwwllyy coming back.  Tapering is the absolute best way to minimize withdrawal symptoms..I am a mom and wife and this is embarrassing and i feel terrible that i let myself get like this. I have never done any hard drugs in my life, i don't drink. who would have thought something i needed for pain would F*** me up this much.  I    would also like to say that smoking pot has helped relax me the first few days.  i am 31 and feel ashamed to say that i am an addict.  for the first time i have never in my life felt so ashamed of myself.  i want to never put myself through this again.  PLS. for those of u of started taking pills for pain prescribed by your dr.  it's not your fault and taper taper taper and u will make it to day 5 as well.  this isn't really a question but just my recovery of being on percocet and oxycontin.  pls feel free to ask any questions.  i have been reading these posts religiously for the last 5 days and it helps knowing i have people who understand.
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Excellent advice your giving there. Believe you me, I will be following it. I have to have surgery done, but a week ago I ran short on the oxy I am being prescribed. I DO NOT want to go thru the days of hell I went thru last week ever again. I have partial relief now as my doctor gave me a refill, but one thing was sure at the first of the week. I had a very direct conversation with him about getting a taper plan together for my post-op situation once I get there. The wd's were nasty. People that play with pills instead of having a true medical reason need to get away from them if they are just getting acquainted with using any opiates. They just don't understand what it will lead to. I know one thing,,I never want to go thru that again in a cold turkey situation. It will cripple your ability to get anything done..Horrible.
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thx. today is day 6 and i feel so much better, my sleeping is till totally f***ed up. but my energy is coming back. Tapering is so much better than trying to quit ct on a higher dose.  i have someone in my family who is on the methadone treatment for addiction to oxy 80's.  now i believe he is never going to get better. I believe it's one addiction for another, in this particular case.  i think u will find much success with tapering and ur withdrawals will be minimal, i can guarantee 100%.  i wish i knew of a painkiller that would not f**k up ur life b/c it's the only thing that will take away legitimate pain.  good luck...and let me know how it goes.
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