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pregnant and stopping using

I just found out that I'm about 9 wks pregnant. And I use heroin. I'm just gonna stop using. Does anyone know if this is safe? Can I just stop at this point? I just want to stop before I do anymore damage to my unborn child. I don't want to use methadone or subs. I know I can wean myself off. I've done that before with success. My only question is, which would be the better and safer solution at this point of my pregnancy; quitting cold turkey or weaning myself down? If anyone has any advice, I really could use it.
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Hey there & Welcome. Thanks for reaching out!

As a long-term ex-heroin/ex-Methadone/ex-Subs user I wanted to lend you my support & chime in with a few points. I know you want the very best for your baby - (Congrats on your pregnancy!) - & I think it's great that you posted. (You're in the right place, btw.) I agree with DominoSarah that you MUST talk to your OB about this ASAP.

First, most importantly -- you say: 'I don't want to use methadone or subs. I know I can wean myself off. I've done that before with success.'

(Boy, does that sound familiar!) There's a classic opiate addict's line that goes something like this: 'Kicking is easy, I've done it a hundred times.' What I'm getting @ here is that even if it were safe to wean off heroin in your first trimester (which it isn't & it's really unsafe to go cold turkey!), what's your absolute guarantee that you'll be able to stay clean for your full term? I mean, I'm sure you want the safest solution (as you state above) to your dilemma! So, I think some real soul searching -- for the sake of your child & yourself -- is in order, here.

Secondly: I totally understand your reticence to go on Methadone or Subs! They're difficult drugs to come off of. I rarely suggest that Methadone might be the answer. HOWEVER, Methadone in your situation is usually the course of action that's indicated. It is the only replacement drug currently on the market considered 'generally safe' during pregnancy. (The jury is still out on Suboxone/Subutex.) If you're only on it for 9 mos. & then design a taper with your clinic/Dr. it won't be as difficult to come of as a long-term user & will stabilize you. If you've never used it before, this will also make it easier. It will allow you to prepare for the arrival of your child & generally help get you back into the swing of life if you use it properly. I would ask to be put on the lowest possible dose that they deem safe for a pregnancy & then double check with your OB.

During my twenty + yrs. on various M. clinics, I've seen plenty of women safely give birth & wean off. I've also seen plenty of tragedy with women losing babies on the 'street' (meaning addicts trying to do it on their own.) Even if you don't use consistently and just 'chip' (and talking any opiate, here) during your pregnancy, you run the risk of damaging the fetus & getting caught when they test the baby. If you're on M. @ the time of birth, it's considered treatment. Yes, CPS will check on you but if you've prepared & have all your ducks in a row, it won't be a problem. Illicit use, on the other hand, definitely will be.

I hope this helps a little! Please, don't try to do this on your own, my friend. There's too much at stake. I wish you all the Grit, Clarity & Love you'll need to see you safely through this pregnancy & beyond. Please, let us know your thoughts & how it's going. We're Here & We're Pulling For Both Of You.

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Hi and welcome. You definitely came to the right place. We have a couple other ladies who just recently found out they were pregnant and I believe they are on methadone. It's kinda slow around right now. Hang tight and I'm sure someone who is or has gone through this will be by to post. You definitely need to talk to your doctor about this. They will be able to give you the best options for you and your baby, and you guys can come up with a plan. I wish you nothing but the best of luck. Congrats on the pregnancy!
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Please discuss this with your OB.  Going cold turkey isnt recommended.  Having your doctor involved will be the best as he/she will be able to monitor you and the baby.
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Hi and congrats on your pregnancy!  You really have to talk to an obgyn about this!  REALLY!  We can support you here with whatever you and your doc decide, but doing your own "heroin taper" while pregnant isn't safe for your baby or for you.  I understand that you're scared.  I would be too, but the very safest thing is to see an obgyn as soon as possible!  Today, if you can!

We will help you here with whatever you guys decide!
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Hello!   I didn't see a daily amount.  If ur talkin ct, ur at 10mg or less per day right?
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ps, i was talkin methadone, you can google the conversion, it's a very small amount,  merely enough to take an edge off a short time.  
Hench, i'd reccommend being upfront with the ob, and following a protocal.
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