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what does this mean to you? for me its coming to terms with my addiction. knowing that this lifelong disease can be managed. with proper knowledge resources and a peer group for support i can stay in sobriety.

recovery is actions one takes to fix and better ones self. it is a journey within of self discovery.

recovery is holding ones self to standards. being accountable. doing the right things leads us to the right places.

seeking help. from admitting to doctors family and friends. stay truthful. the rest will follow.

research and learn about the disease. knowledge is power.

to develop self worth. and love your whole self. stand in your mirror every day and say im a winner. i am free. i am worth it. i love me.

letting go....work with what ya got.

each day is a new beginning. baby steps. then more and more days will flow together..and time heals all wounds

what does recovery mean to you? can you let go and surrender?
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To me, recovery is freedom.  It's very liberating to stop thinking about what,where,when,how...

It's certainly a journey. Now I know that I only need to be accountable to myself. I got myself addicted and I got myself out of addiction.  I am stronger than any pill or lots of pills. I am stronger than addiction. It will not get me because I'm bigger,meaner,and better. I'm free.
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Can and Will let Go... If this was on FaceBook I'd PRESS the LIKE button cause you are so correct and it can't be said better..   I hope you copy this and save it yourself... I am, I hope thats okay.....  Good Job BAMA   GodSpeed
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