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starting suboxone soon hopefully, experiences please

I'm hopefully starting suboxone Monday to get off 4 years of 200-250my of norco/oxy a day. My question is, do you wake up in withdrawals when taking it every 24 hours?  Will it take away how aggitated I feel when I'm in withdrawl or partial withdrawl?
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Hi, Crystal, welcome. Just want to remind you that you will have to withdraw from subs at some point, too. And that wd is worse and lasts longer. Do you have aftercare in place? That's really the way to get and stay clean. I was on about the same amount of norco as you and I did not replace it, I suffered through withdrawls and got right into meetings. Looking back, I'm so glad I did. I was so terrified of withdrawl, too but it turned out to be only a blip in time. With subs, you'll still have withdrawls hanging over your head and still dependent on taking an opiate to keep you from being sick. We do so many things to avoid wds, when we have to face them eventually no matter what. Keep posting for support.
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I plan on doing couseling and probably meetings. I've tried to quit so many times on my own but if I make it through the physical withdrawls, I can't seem to make it past the depression and cravings. From what I've been reading about suboxone it seems like it may be a good route for me to stay on for a while. I've heard that naltrexone can help with the suboxone wuthdrawls....not sure if that's true or not.
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Hi I was on over 200mg oxy a day for 4 yrs due to a bad back been clean 4 months I knew I had to get off of that crap I was running out early buying them with money we didn't have it was horrible I was so lonely inside felt like such a loser I went to a rehab did the detox no it wasn't fun it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life and yes mental part ***** you will have to withdraw from Suboxone I have heard it's worse than narcotic I never thought I would be free from oxy it had a hold of me something fierce it scared me counting pills scared I was gonna run out waking up in withdrawals it was horrible this wasn't suppose to happen to me middle class mom my kids had no idea what I was doing when I came clean my daughter said I knew mom that something wasn't right but I knew my mom would come back because she is strong I hit bottom I couldn't do it anymore I couldn't die my family needs me I lost my brother to herion 2 yrs ago he was 18 so I prayed like hell and her I am clean happy and free your mind is a tricky thing I wish you the best on what ever you decide to do
Thanks for your comment. Congratulations on being clean! It sounds like you've really been putting in the hard work that's needed. Last week I finally found the courage to tell my husband, so I may be able to just get off completely now since I have his support. I've been trying to get in with an addiction doctor, so hopefully this week sometime. I have kids also and I want more than anything to get clean and stay clean!
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