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stuck on pain pills

Need help. Its kinda abarrassing for me but im addicted to snorting pain killers. i guess i like the feeling and the head high. But im at the point where, if i dont take some or run out of my perscribion, i go through it all, hot sweats, cold sweats, feels like ants are crawling in my skin, ecs, Empty Can Sindrum. and everything. And im sick of it. Been snorting pills for over 2 years, and im afraid that i wont have a nose soon. Starting to get bloody noses and its just terrible. But i cant stop, i do it so much that its a normal thing, just like being addicted to cigs. But i need help or advice on how to stop snorting pills. I still need to take pain pills from all the surgeries that ive had. So if you can help or have some advice. say something,  
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If you are going to get clean you not going to be able to continue to take narcotic pain meds of any type .Many of us have been in chronic pain and have stopped using .One of the things MOST of us have realized is within a few months that are pain was not nearly as bad as we thought and we could find alternatives .First step if you choose to get clean is you are going to have to stop snorting your pills.Then you will have to decide how you want to get off of them there is CTing or tapering ? Then you need to find aftercare getting off the pills is the easy part staying off them is the hard part .So check into meetings aa/na or an addiction therapist .We are here to lend you support its very doable if you decide you are going to do it.
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Sounds as if u have come to terms with the fact that u r addicted to the pills? and that is a great start...sounds like this behavior is not bringing u pleasure anymore..when the abuse starts making us frickin miserable...often we tend to find a way out...and sounds like u r there

snortin pills can grow into a huge habit quick due to the quick high and the fact it hangs out for only an hour or 2...snorting or shooting drugs also becomes a ritual for many and a habit almost separate from the pill abuse...sounds weird I know...but is what I have observed and what I have picked up from abusers here over the past 2 years on this forum

U didnt state ur daily dose??  CT is do-able for most narcotic users//unless heart issues r involved...CT is often the best way to go

A snorter also has to let go of the habit of snorting,,even a "chewer" is at a disadvantage cos of the faster high from chewing vs swallowing...almost sounds sexual!   shooters, snorter, chewers and swallowers! LOL  but this crud really isnt funny///not when it is u involves u

A snorter whomi communicated with via pms..started out just trying to swallow half of his daily dose each day...and snort only half..it was hard for him to do...but sometimes baby steps is the way to go...he got down to only swallowing in a week or 2..then he let go..for some it is better to just flush everything and CT right away...we r all different//but cutting off supply plus having no pills on hand is usually the best route to go in the end

have u read thru the health pages?  lots of info to help wds there...plus this forum is a great place to be for u right now...welcome and keep posting
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