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suboxone for heroin addiction

Hi am new to the site and have found it great with regards to info on subs and pill use but not a lot of info on using them to get of heroin.I have been an addict for around 14 years using 50mls methadone or 2 bags a day for all but the times i had my 3 daughters.
I am about to go on suboxone hopefully tomorrow but am scared due to my last brief failed attempt a few years back.Last time I waited 24 hours after taking heroin (no methadone for a week).I took 2 8 ml tabs and felt terrible after the first so I presume this was precipitated wds .I got to day 2 and took  another 8 ml but still felt terrible and gave in all too easily later that afternoon
.What I need to know is how long should I wait this time and how long is it likely to be before I start to feel o.k again.The doctor is only going to prescribe me 8 mls a day and I just don't think it will be enough.I also found last time that when I gave in and used the heroin worked just fine so how come the blocking effect didn't work is it because I had only just started them.If you go into precipitated wds is there any benefit in taking another tablet or does this just make things worse?
The other problem I had was actually taking them .As they disolved I found my mouth watered alot and I wasn't sure if i should swallow the stuff or not maybe this is why it didn't work ?
Would really appreciate some advice on this from those in the know as i'm so scared.I have 3 little ones my eldest is disabled and youngest is still a baby so I can't just sit back and ride it out but I want to be stable on the subs more than anything right now.
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What does your doctor say?
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Ok first I have to tell u since you've been taking methadone every other day u have a methadone ha it which has a much longer half life than heroin. In order to not have precipitated wdraws u need to wait AT LEASt 3 days from taking the done. I was taking 150 mg a day for over a year for heroin addiction. I got on subs abot 31/2 months ago. I went through absolute hellish precipitated wdraws . I waited for over three days and that STILL happened to me. So be careful. Also, don't take more subs if you're in precipitated wdraws. U just have to wait it out until the subs take over your opiate receptors and they calm down. It took me around 24 hours for the precipitated wdraws to go away then I felt fine. If u can get your doc to prescribe u subutex this will alleviate the problem b/c it doesn't have narcan in it which causes the precipitated wdraws. Despite my initial problems with switching to suboxone I am so glad I did!! I feel more normal. It's much easier to taper from and is a great stepping stone to complete abstience. So good luck to u and let me know if u have any more questions!
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TALK TO YOU DOCTOR ...Make sure he knows everything you have been taking how much of it and when you took it last .Next what aftercare are you going to get .Sub is NOT going to keep you clean its a tool for you to help yourself keep yourself clean.so get a recovery care program set up for yourself .....
good luck tell us how it goes
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Thanks for the replies.I think I just didn't wait long enough this time I will as I know that the precipitated wds are far worse than the normal ones.As for a long term plan I'm seen at  a counselling service once a week.Am also planning to go to my first NA meeting this week.Have also just gone back to college so hope that and my 3 girls will keep me busy.
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