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how can i stop suboxone????
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What does your prescribing physician say about setting up a taper plan? Have you completed the program and are ready to get off?
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Just like IBK said have the doctor that prescribes u the pills work out a taper plan .
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You need to talk to your doctor about this.
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Its sad that people come here for help and all you can say is talk to your doctor. Why is the first rule
"This is a Patient-to-Patient community, which means DOCTORS DO NOT READ..." and when someone asks a question you dont give any answers, just a load of ****. Some of you high and all mighty $uck
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If you notice, IBK is trying to engage the poster with some legit questions.

We cannot give tapering plans as we are not doctors. Also if you look through the posts, there is an enormous amount of support here.

There are no "high and mightys" here. People do the best they can to help each other.

Look through some of the other posts and you'll see that they have helped many...
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There is a lot of great advice given here by supportive and knowledgable members - as well as many questions that are answered throughout every day.  However - when questions arise that pertain to a taper plan from a specific drug, people are encouraged to speak with their doctor because some people have medical conditions that could be affected by tapering or by stopping cold turkey ...and no member has any way of knowing specifics or medical history pertaining to an individual, therefore tapering advice could prove to be dangerous or counter-productive - again, the active MedHelp members have no way of knowing this.
There are just too many variables for any of us to provide an answer for questions of that nature (re:cold turkey...tapering)  We provide advice and insight for those needing help but we could not, in good conscious, advise someone of how/whether they should taper.
While the people here are able to provide remedies to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and provide encouragement during detox - none of us are doctors and cannot establish a taper plan for anyone.  As you have seen, this forum is a reflection of personal opinion
I am surprised to see that you have been a member since 2007 considering that you said questions are not answered here and you ...that is absurd - if you read over the posts in this forum, you will see that there are several questions answered and several people helped on a regular basis.
It shocks me that you would have the audacity to be so confrontational in your comment - The members who are active on this forum are very caring and supportive people...and I believe there are many new members who would strongly disagree with your rude and narrow-minded position....perhaps you would have a different opinion if you were seeking help because this is an awesome group of people.  
There is no need to scrutinize this site or to resort to a sort of 'name-calling' -
I hope that you find peace -
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I couldn't have said it better myself.
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What are the details? How much are ya taking? How long?

I noticed you haven't posted back--I hope you're alright! Please don't let 1 person's negativity scare you away...this REALLY is a great forum...

Please post back so we can help...Lisa
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