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i can't take suboxone, i had terrible terrible side effects from the suboxone, and I wanted to try the subutex. but I'm having a really hard time trying to find a doctor in KY that prescribes subutex. I know there are, but I don't know which ones do, or what to do etc. If anyone has any information that would help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much.
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I don't think you want to take that. Do some research on Subutex...

If you're trying to withdraw from opiates,maybe we can help.
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If you are insistant on going this route you can try and google that info.  I would think there would be some info.          
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What was the problem with the suboxone,side effects?I took it and wasn't fond of it but it served the purpose and I got off of it after a month.I'd suggest to anyone to take the lowest dose.in other words they gave me 8mg twice a day and that was too much,not necessary.
Good luck to you!
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Docs that prescribe suboxone can also prescribe subutex.  The only difference in the two is that subutex does not have the naloxone in it.  When induced (first visit) for suboxone, typically subutex is used.  Docs usually don't prescribe subutex because it can be abused - the naloxone in the suboxone will cause immediate withdrawal if crushed and injected.  Talk to a sub doc and depending on your circumstances, they may be willing to prescribe it over suboxone.  However, if you are having a reaction to the buprenorphine, then you will have the same reaction with subutex.
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