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today's the day?

  Well, I've been tapering methadone now  since Sept.  I was on 80-90mg a day for over 7 loooong yrs.  I've managed to get down to 1.25mg now.  It all started with lortab, perc, oxy, then "u need to go on methadone, it's so much easier to get off than lortab."  Oh how I wished I would have done some research on that one!  All I did was trade one addiction for another more powerful one.  So for over 7 long years now I've taken methadone everyday, just to feed an addiction.  I feel so guilty now looking back, at the time I thought everything was great, but now that my mind is so much clearer, I lay awake every night thinking what kind of Mom I've been to my 2 boys.  I feel like such a LOSER!!!!  Do any of u have the same guilty feelings?  So anyway today is the day, I'm going to flush the rest I have left so I can start on the road to recovery and my boys will have me back 100%!  Thanks to everyone for all there wonderful advice........Teri  :)    
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hey teri, i am so glad you are flushing the rest. under 5mgs just prolongs the w/d. you really shouldnt get any worse with your w/d. you have as many precautions in place as possible, with exercising, the vitamins, your healthy diet and your very positive thinking you are on the mends.
i am so proud of you that you stuck to your taper . it has been a long 7 months. you are doing awesome.
keep up the good work
sending prayers,hugs and support,
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hey teri congrats on wanting to get clean we are in the same boat todays my day im coming off 200 mg of oxy a day im going cold turkey i am however going to follow the amino acid protocol hoping it will give me some relief as i have two kids 6 and 3. like u i want to give them their mom back 100% i just wanted you to know you are not alone im right here with you and when i start to feel crappy i will think of you and how i know someone else is out there right now doing the same thing as me and that we are doing the right thing together best of luck keep posting or message me if you wanna talk it may help us...lots of love michelle
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Appreciate the victory over addiction. past is past. enjoy what s ahead of u. this is what i ve realised and understood from my experience since i joined this forum. i felt the same guilt but i came across some wonderful ppl here who i owe alot in my recovery. they made me believe it s pointless beating urself for what has already been done. SO LET S WORK ON MAKING THE FUTURE BETTER.
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teri.....my friend......I have a very similar but much longer history with the varied assortment of pain meds...both prescribed and otherwise.....i was placed on methadone for about 3 months after one surgery it was supposed to replace the fentanyl oxy and hydro I was on.....it was not a good experience to say the least.....I thank the Creator everyday that I escaped the slow hell of a meth detox as it did not really sink it's claws in too deeply....I will continue to pray for strength and rest in yours and your husbands recovery as I wrestle my own demons......peace and strength as you fight the good fight......peace

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Today is the day Teri !! Congratulations !! On the way to getting your life back.. What a long journey it has been.. You will do this !! Show the same resolve you have with your taper. you have been in wd a long time with every drop Now to put a end to all of this :) sending good thoughts out to you as I send up prayers.. warm hugs. lesa
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Way to go!!!  I'm sure you are prepared and will do GREAT!!!
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  awww, you guys are all soooo sweet, thank you for all your support! .........Teri  :)  (((big hugs)))
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