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total body cleanse question

is this a good idea to do after detoxing? i know that during the detox process...the first week, we get rid of the drug in our system. i was just wondering if anyone else has done this after their detox to help with their overall health. i'm considering this. i'm on day 5 now and was thinking of starting next week.
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I actually did an herbal cleanse.  I did it about 12 days into being drug free, and am thinking about it again.  The first time I used a kit to clean my system.  It made me feel nasty.  It caused my to have more of the runs, and bad hot flashes. This was all natural and purchased at a health food store.  I wouldn't recommend it. I have recently picked up this tea that is suppose to be a gentle cleanse. It does the same system clean, but its a bit slower and nicer to your body.  I have the tea at home and can get you the name of it when I get back.  Its expensive.  It was like $60 for a 32oz jar of the tea.  You only use 2-4 oz a day for the system cleanse.  
After the first time, I did feel much better. I dont know if it was in my head, but I seemed to feel better.  And after all the meds I had in my body Im sure it helped get the residual crap out of me.  
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Speaking of witch.I invested a 1 weeks habit in a Ion Detox where they connect an Ionising machine and then toxins come out of your feet....Weird but man u should have seen the crap that came out of ME   wow incredible and I feel sooo good Cost 100$ cnd but I got lotsa spare cash now so Im treating myself to all kinds of things..Like a reward program at my own expense......Did I say 1 week I meant 1 day.....Yesterday I bought a laptop Toshiba  i7 processor 8g ram 1tb hard drive  Ive been wanting stuff like that for awhile now...

I am now addicted to happiness and lavender...Im starting a forum.




Congrats on day 5 u tough bugger
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