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Stumbled upon this site @ 5am; everyone seems so supportive of one another-thats great to see. I have a question-why does my Vicoprofen script (and most opiate scripts) say they cause drowsiness, and things of the like. I have been taking it for several yrs and I have 2 friends who take Lortab and it acts as stimulants for us? Why? I feel like I can do anything on them. And here's the kicker, I am not a 'stimulant' girl, I avoid caffine, I do not do any street drugs, etc; just wanted to know if anyone else was or has experienced this as well. Any replies would be greatly appreciated.
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Hey!  Welcome to the site------for most people opiates have a sedating effect-----for others they give us energy with pain relief------that is why you can get addicted to them soooooo easily-------If you ever want to quit this is a great place for support------take care, Jon
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many people after taking opioids like hydrocodone, oxycodone, morphine, etc. get the side effects of talkativeness, more socially acceptable to various situations, the feeling like you can do anything, etc. Even though that sounds like the side effects are from a stimulant, they are completely the opposite they are downers, central nervous system depressants. in too high of doses they will cause enough respiratory depression to where you stop breathing and then OD.  both opiates and stimulants are extremely addictive , but opiates have severe physical wds along with mental where stimulants generally only have the mental aspect of wds. Real stimulants speed up your central nervous system, raise your blood pressure, increase your heart rate, your mental focus, etc., they are considered uppers as opposed to opiates  known as downers.
more importantly you and your friends should think long and hard about using the vicoprofen because within a few months it becomes physically and mentally addictive and gets you dependant on the drug and starts the vicious cycle of addiction. and its definitely not something to mess with, no matter how confident or sure you are that the drug wont do that, it will, it wins everytime. i wish you the best of luck..Christos
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Hi Katherine,
Welcome...I am new also but have following this site on and off for a while.
Please BE CAREFUL! I started out with Vicodins, then Percocet, then Vicoprofen, methodone, morphine, fentanyl, but now on  Oxycontin.

When this all started 6 years ago, was in car accident and the painkillers made me feel unbelievable, full of energy, and felt on top of the world....it was like a whole NEW life without pain.....then.....the addiction started....I was trying to get that same feeling I had when I first went on them and so you end up taking more and more to try and get it...but it never is enough.  I pray that you do not have an addictive personality as I kept denying to myself. Today I am off all op;iates for 9 days and feel great....yes there is a lot of pain..but I can handle it with ibuprofen and tylenol.

The drugs lull you into feeling like you can handle anything....you seem clear and focused and on top of the word...and thats why these are so dangerous.

Please be careful and feel free to contact me if you have questions or think you are starting to slip into abusing them. This place will set you straight. Good luck.
Kindest personal regards...Johnny
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My only question is why do you take these?  Is it for pain or the stimulant?  Read the posts on here and see what happens with this addiction.  I was addicted to vicoprofen and it almost killed me.........sara
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Katherine, left a note for you. Just checkin up on you girl. Hope all is well. Waz up? R U being a good girl?  Keep me posted and read my note. Need to vent or some support, getta hold of me.
In my prayers, johnny
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