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withdrawl symptoms

i've been taking percocet for the last 7-9 yrs...started out with a legit scrip for a minor mva i was in, and really i was advised by socalled friends to elevate my pain, and got prescriptions for a few months and eventually was cut off...even tho i wasn't taking the whole scrip....i was sharing while going out to bars and such....which during this time i had a drunken fall that severly injured my tailbone area and i suffered for over 6 months....so i just suffered thru and took percs whenever i had them or socalled friends had them.....then my husband any I got together and he had a big accident and he was started on the script of percocet and eventually percocet along with oxy's.....so now i had this drug available all the time.....he was given 3, then 4 a day of the percs.......i have NEVER in my life taking an oxy, even tho it is in my home, and i should mention that he only took the odd perc in the beginnning after the accident and then stopped.....so he is still getting the scrips to this day.....he knows i take the percs and he feels i have major emotional outbursts on them, and i do feel hot tempered sometimes.....i was up to 4 a day in the summer of 2008, when i got pregnant....i quit smoking cold turkey and weaned myself down to 1-2 a day, i always had to have one in the morning as soon as i open my eyes., and still the same today....i take my second befor lunch and sometimes a 3rd mid afternoon....and not again til morning usually.....now a little background to add.....when i started this meds yrs ago.....i was fairly thin and fit....over the last 8 yrs, have steadily gained 10pds a yr and now am about 100 pds heavier than i was than....i have been diagnosed with arthritis in my tailbone by MRI and a little bulged disc....which i can assume is from my fall......so the pills gave me energy, and sometimes, or most times, i always felt i had to eat after taking a pill, so i don't feel too much of the jittery feeling and to lessen the high i guess....as i gained weight, my back got worse, the perc does seem to help temporarily, really briefly, but while gaining weight, i became less active and the weight is now killing my back more.....and when i have tried to work out or even walk or even vaccumm for 20 mins, i suffer big time....feel like a concrete block on my lower back.....and all i can do is lay on the couch the rest of the day....i will admit that i prob take the pills a lot as well when i'm stressed....def a trigger for me....and the fact that they are in my house available all the time, its so easy to reach for another......u may wonder why my hubby doesn't just get rid of them, or stop getting the scrip, well he knows deep down i am physically dependent and thats only the little thing i need to get thru my day to do what needs to be done....taking care of 2 kids and him and home.....so while i was pregnant, i didn't have my family MD, the same as hubby, because i wanted a midwife....so i admitted to the midwife about my addiction and she referred me to the high risk clinic at the univ hosp....so they also knew about the pills as well....all the while i'm hoping and praying that correspondence with that info doesn't get back to our fam MD and he figures things out and cuts my husband off......which didn't happen.....so by the time i was 9 months preg, i was back to about 2-3 a day and my daughter after being born had to be put in the nicu for observation with a breathing tube in her nose into her throat to be monitored for withdrawl symptoms....all because of my sick need to be high thru out the day and thinking this is helping my pain.....in the end, she did not need anything to counteract the withdrawl and she was realeased after 5 days.....and no one offered me any help on how to get off these damn pills.....breast feeding for 3 months also helped her get weaned off as well they told me.....so after 3 months she was born, i started feeling really nasally, sinusy, sneezing, and getting progressively worse over the next couple months....had a sunus xray, NOTHING, antibiotics, NOTHING.....finally 3 months later again, i was sent to a allergy doc...low and behold...the pregnancy screwed my immune systom and now am allergic to my pets.....i have 2 cats and a small pomeranian....no way i was getting rid of either......had no benefit plan so had to just stick with over the counter allergy meds....DAILY......so when i have tried to wean myself off, i feel these symptoms 100 xs worsel....and the nurse at the meth clinic told me, withdrawls can mimic allergies too....so double whammy.....i can only take so much antihistamine.....so my husband just got in a union, and we are waiting for benefits to kick in...as soon as that does...there is some kind of med i can take daily for a couple of months,costs 20.00 a day , but is not addicting in itself like methodone, and will get rid of the symptoms...so i pray this is covered and will be my miracle.....i need to lose the weight, trying to save 6000.00 to go to mexico for the weight loss surgery, and hopefully that will help my back as well.....and of course i'd love to have my next child....but feel guilty making it go thru what my daughter went thru.....i just don't have family to take the kids for 3 or 4 days, so i can detox myself and just stay in bed dealing with it, and if i was to tell my husband to take the pills out of the home, he would....he would love to see me off them as well......and the other funny thing is, whenever i have a cold or flu, just viral or whatever, i hardly take the percs.....because i am soo scared of mixing them with too many other meds, whether over the counter or scrip.....sorry for this being so long, but i had to set the picture up so if there is anyone who can relate to all or some of this story, and dealt with getting off them, please talk to me.....i think i need to start getting the shots for my pet allergies as well once we have beniefits....but i don't know what to deal with first and i sure know i don't want to be FAT anymore!! so plz send me your comments if u manged to take your 5 mins or so to read my whole life story.....lol......oh and my sleeping has been horrible since i was pregnant, maybe even before that....but i rarely sleep 3 hours straight of good quality, always 10 hrs or whatever of broken sleep...and my best description for how i feel when i wake up, is i feel like tin man from wizard of oz....lol
oh and i just started smoking again 2 months ago after 3 days.....because of my job......which i take an extra perc or two while working.....i drive a taxi for 11  hrs starting at 4 pm til 3 am , and i get up the first day at 7am , so its like a 20 hr day for me and the sitting kills my body.......so the answer is more pills :(
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I was taking Vicodin for 2 years(10-660). I started taking them they way the doctor said but then it starting being an extra one here and there and before I knew it I was up to at least 20 a day. I stopped 8 days ago cold turkey.  The first 3-4 days were bad, but each day is getter better. I did do research to find out what kind of withdrawals I could get. I don't miss them. My pain level is about a 7, but I just take 2 extra strength Tylenol about every 6 hrs.  The funny thing is even on the Vicodin the pain level was high. Anyway, I hope you are able to get the help you need and keep reading and posting on here, it really, really helps
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since u quit cold turkey.....does that mean u used up all your pills, or do u still have them in your home, and the temptation is still there??? i woke up today, i hardly slept all nite, and most nites i sleep horribly....i keep blaming it on my mattress which is supposed to be a very good one, and my whole body aches, and of course the weight doesn't help either....i'm just so tired of, everytime i leave my home, i have to make sure i have my supply with me, so i don't miss a pill when i feel i need it.....do u think i should just hibernate indoors when i try to do the detox??? as soon as i start needing a dose, i start having cramps in my stomach, feeling the need to have a bowel movement very often, and cold and really tired, and of course everything still hurts.....i don't think the pills even take away my pain for very long...and i think u can be right about the pain being worse while taking the meds......well i took one as soon as i woke up today, and plan on NOT taking another....i'm hoping i can get thru the day, til tomoro morning with out it.....if i fail, i am making my hubby take the meds with him to work, so they are out of the house....and i should also mention, everytime i take a perc, i bite it in half.....i don't remember the last time i ever swallowed it whole, my socalled friends back in the day, told me it would work faster if i did that and i always have since, and of course whenever i take any other OTC meds, i NEVER bite those....its such a  stupid psychological hold on me....if i don't get myself thru these next week or two trying to get off, i will just patiently wait another month for my benefits to kick in and see which kind of help i can get thru there regarding the daily meds needed to get me off......thanks for the reply, i have read others questions and comments, and feel this is  a really supportive forum for me to vent and ask questions ;)
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I had no pills left and when they wouldn't refill them, I took it as a sign. I wanted to get off by the end of the year anyway. I started reading this forum last month so I do believed it had prepared me of what was "normal" withdrawals. I did have to run to the bathroom a lot, had no appitite, and didn't  get much sleep the first couple nights, like you I never really slept well anyway.  The last 2 nights I slept for 6 and 1/2 hours!.  Appitite is slowly coming back. I'm usually at home mostly because I take care of my 13 month d grand daughter, but I have no desire to go out yet.  Maybe if you keep on this forum you will be able to do it now.  Like I said I don't miss them and I'm praying it stays that way for me.
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I'm at 48 hours C/T off a Norco habit of 3 years. I too, have legitimate pain. Arthritis in my neck...I'm 32 so this is very frustrating to say the least! I feel worse today than yesterday. Counting the hours is the hardest part. Knowing that a few more days of running to the toilet, stomach pain, RLS, and insomnia. On the plus side, I've lost 4lbs since going C/T. I think the meds made me lazy. Wishing everyone on here the strength to follow thru with their withdrawal and detox. Bless you all!
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Like I said I'm on day 8 and lost about 4 lbs.  Try to keep busy by watching movies, TV, reading.  Ifound listening to music really helps.  Trust me, it really starts to get a little better each day!  Stay on this forum!
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Happy Thansksgiving to everyone.  I hope we all make it through the day.  Have a safe and enjoyable day.  God bless
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Happy Thanksgiving to you! How are you doing with a few more days under your belt?
Unfortunately, I relapsed on Thanksgiving and one dose on Friday early morning. So, I'm 39 hours clean. Praying I can manage thru the next few weeks until I get into counseling.
Really hoping you're well :)
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I'm on day 14 and feeling pretty good. Sorry to hear you had a relapse. But you can do this!  Remember, just keep swimming, just keep swimming( it helps me). My pain level is coming down slowly.  Like I said I felt worse on the Vicodin.  I pray everyday I don't ever have to take them again. I have been sleeping 8 hrs every night!  I haven't slept that long at night in a long time.  Still dealing with my mood swings. But they are also slowly getting better. Energy is good.  Keeping myself busy.  You have to make yourself get up and move.  I pray you will get through this, I know you will. Keep us posted on your progress.
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