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i have been on ativan 21yr recently withdrawn havent had them for 6mths now,but now up against the zopiclone i was prescribed a high dose through day 7.5mg 4td then takein down to 3.75 4tds 2yrs ago im now withdrawin inbetween doses anxiety is so severe is debilitatein cant take no more feel so depressed crying all time i feel like im in such a dark place and no way out at all the,doctors keep tryin me on antidepressants instead of treatin the real cause thats the least they could do after they put me on such high doses im the one suffering not them,can anybody help plz!!
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Wish I could help! I don't have any experience with those. I feel your pain! :(
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What is zoplicone?  Did you do  slow taper from the atiban?  Valerian root is quite helpful for anxiety.  I've found it is at least as good as  Ativan, maybe better.  Have you tried any supplement? Are you eating healthy?  Let us know about the zoplicone and I'm sure other wil have suggestions for you.
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Hi! Just wanted to chime in for support too! I do not know much about the zoplicone because I never was on it..Just what I have read..But I will say I c/t from 3 meds and one was a benzo..Oh yes the anxiety to the moon..I did use alot of Magnesium, D, and Cal from plant..They seemed to calm me down after a bit.
Marycarmel gave or asked some good questions too!
Also try this powder called "CALM" it is a relaxing magnesium drink..It also for high stress.I wish you the best.Keep checking your post someone will be in that was on this med too!
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zopiclone is a sleepin tablet but silly doctor decided to use it to treat anxiety and at a very high dose:(
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thankyou so much for your help,any advice is welcomed,,
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Hi Ell, I do have experience with both those meds, much for the same reasons your on them. This is just my opinion , but I am wondering why a Doc put you on such a hight does of ambient (zoplicone). The ambien will have you feeling depressed . But it does leave your system quiet quickly.Are you wanting off all meds?
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