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Day 2 no narcotic pain pills

I was prescribed Suboxone on Tues but the doc said my w:d symptoms weren't as severe as they need to be before I can start. So he told me to go home and wait to feel more ill and for my pupils to dilate. So I did and my hubby and I waited and watched and the doc called me every hour for update. Still 48 hours later and I have tummy aches and am tired and anxious with wrestles legs but no runny nose or eyes and no dilated pupils. I have gone this far and wonder if I need the Sub. I took the time off work already... At my peak I was taking about 210-240mg of oxy or Vic's a day. But a few weeks ago with hubby's help I tapered down to about 65-80 MG of only Vicodin a day. The past three weeks I was experiencing half or more w/d so I wonder if the worste part is over? Not sure. Doc will call me again at 3 for update. Thoughts??????
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I was on suboxone, however now I'm pregnant so they switched me to subutex. I'm telling you now, DON'T GET ON SUBOXONE. It's hard to get off of, it's a pain. Even if the withdraw symptoms get worse, just keep telling yourself, "this is only temporary". Try to sleep as much as possible, drink alot if fluids. If you can't sleep, take Benadryl. Good luck!
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If this is your third day off of the opiates, you might just be getting over the worst of the withdrawal symptoms.  Usually, things start getting better on the fourth day.

You should discuss with your doctor and re-evaluate your idea of starting to take Suboxone – Suboxone can be hard to get off of as well.  You have already come a long way and if you have the weekend off, you will have more time to rest and in a couple of days, you just might be free of opiates.

I wish you all the best.
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