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L-Tyrosine and Effexor

I'm currently on detox from a Vicodin addiction. I'm on day 4 of the detox. The worst thing I'm experiencing is the fatigue and extreme lack of energy. I already have energy issues anyway, so it's really bad.
Other people on the support forums are recommending L-Tyrosine to help with energy. However, they said not to take it with antidepressants. I was put on Effexor for anxiety. The dosage I'm taking is 37.5mg and I take it once every evening. L-Tyrosine is to be taken in the morning...since there is quite a gap between the two, would it be safe?
I'm currently on Adderall as well for ADD, but I only take it as needed. I don't want to end up putting myself in a dangerous position or giving myself possible cardiac issues. I'm a 25 year old female, by the way.

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Do not mix those drugs or take medications that are not prescribed to you. If all you are feeling is lack of energy, you are doing quite well. Instead of taking more medication , allow your system to find its base line and fight for itself. Every time you take a medication for a function your body cease to work for that same function. Get yourself to walk around and try to do some exercising . You are doing great..Keep strong.
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