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Hi all i have been on codeine for about 3 years and found myself just popping 12 to 16 pills at night along with the pills i took throughout the day. My question is this i have been clean now for 3 weeks of going cold turkey and yes it was hell but i have done it, but its left my with what i can only describe as Restless leg syndrome!! is this going to last for the rest of my life of will it sort itself out over time?
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There is a medication called Requip that can be very helpful with RLS for the few month after the acute withdrawals. Ask a physician to prescribe it for you. Also try Magnesium 400 mg in the evening as well. It is over the counter and can be quite helpful. I am so proud of you.  
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Thank you for your kind words and the restless leg is still ongoing, i had blood taken from me the other day and i get my results on Monday so hopefully the doc can sort my problem out.
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