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Could I have Addison's, even though my labs came back in the normal ranges?

I have had severe fatigue issues for years, low blood pressure, tachycardia, and stomach problems. I struggle to get to sleep, and then it's very difficult to get moving. I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and put on 50 milligrams of levothyroxine a day. A few days after I began taking it, the fatigue doubled, I felt as if my blood pressure kept dropping, and also my blood sugar levels. I was barely strong enough to stand, which made work extremely difficult, as I am a massage therapist. I was getting cold sweats. My endocrinologist thought maybe I had adrenal issues that the Synthroid was making worse. So she did some blood work. Everything came back in the normal ranges, except my anion gap. It is supposed to be between 8 and 16, and mine was 19. My endocrinologist said my adrenals we're ok. She put me on Synthroid, and it's only been a few days, but I am starting to experience the same problems. I have noticed my skin is getting tan. Some clients have even mentioned it. And that is something as I have not been in the sun, and as a very pale girl, I don't really tan. I have dark hyperpigmentation spots on my forehead, and my lips are darker as well. My Endo never did an ACTH stimulation test, only checked my cortisol, ACTH, and and a chem panel to check electrolytes. Should I ask for an ACTH stimulation test?
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If I were you I would ask for a stim test. Good luck!
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My endocrinologist brushed off the request for an ACTH stimulation test, saying since the one time blood serum level test came back in the "normal" ranges, I couldn't have Addison's. She then said maybe I have Cushings although that wouldn't explain the tanning in my skin, (and none of those symptoms fit what I was experiencing) so she had me do 2 late night saliva cortisol tests. The first one came back at .05, and the 2nd one came back at .03. Of course, these were not above normal for late night saliva cortisol levels, so I don't have Cushings, but I couldn't find a reference to see if that was below normal. And the Dr didn't comment on it . I finally convinced her to let me try a more natural Thyroid med, NP Thyroid. I think I am having  less side effects, but still fighting the weakness, fatigue, and low blood pressure. I have started adding sea salt to my water, and that really seems to be helping with my energy levels. I am very frustrating with the endo I am seeing. Think I need to try and find another one.
I am in the same boat, almost. I am a type-1 diabetic, MS, psoriasis & rheumatic fever heart valve damage, so I hit the auto-immune lottery.  I fell in 2012 and broke 5 (displaced) rear left ribs. That bought me a week in the horsepital for acute kidney failure. After that my diabetes seemed BETTER. I no longer had to fight high BGs with every infection, injury or even just a flu shot.  

Then this Feb I fell causing an internal adrenal hemorrhage on the right side. A few days later I started feeling off (my normal). A few more days I had a syncope (total loss of consciousness) crash on my face. I was in the horsepital just a few days this time. It's been over four months and things are NOT better, nor have I been able to get one single doctor to run an adrenal stim test..........On the other hand I am being sent to a SHIRNK. Same exact thing happened with the MS. Took me 23 years to get tested for MS, that despite clearly documented (untested, untreated, RED FLAGS) Sx going back to 1967 in the Navy.

In the mean time I am stuck in a living hell, with the only relief 8mg Zofran for the nausea. Nothing, so far works for the extreme fatigue. I have had sever falls since, my legs just seemed to collapse w/o warning or reason.

I am still TRYING....... on the adrenal issue/question.
So sorry to hear about all that you are going through Gomer2! That's awful. I  ended up in the ER 2 weeks ago after collapsing on the floor. Of course they didn't find anything wrong and sent me home. But it was enough to convince my Endo to finally do an ACTH stimulation test. My baseline cortisol level at 8am (fasting) was only 10.1 (ref. Range 4-22) which I think is low considering it's supposed to be at its peak at that time, but I don't have Addison's. The baseline more than doubled during the test. Unfortunately I still feel like death, and my symptoms are progressing, but still no answers. I have been on 3 different medications for the Hashimoto's all of which have made me feel worse even though my numbers have improved. So frustrated!
I did, eventually get the ACTH stem test. My cort did NOT double. I have a few dark patches, and one is like a face, with milky white features. Features like eyes, nose & mouth/lips. The dark patches (elevated ACTH)  are from primary Addison's, and the milky white feature are associated with auto-immune Addison's.

My Addison's is being treated with Prednisolone, split into 3 doses per day. I am still learning............
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