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Do you know about RAD

RAD is a mental symptom mostly found in kids who are adopted, it can manifest as depression, ainxiety, bipolar, ect. But one thing you should know is that even f it doesnt show itself in any form it can still be there. could use some pointers about it from others who either know or have RAD and what they do to countereffect it
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My son has RAD with no fear of strangers. This manifests as him befriending adults and wanting adults as friends which places him at a high risk of sexual abuse. RAD kids develop the disorder because during their formative years (infancy), they learned they cannot trust adults to sooth and calm them; thus, they look to themselves for protection and do not trust adults. They attempt to isolate other adults from their caretakers so that they can manipulate them and get them on their side. Once that is done and they believe they control the adult, aggression and other behaviors come out. My next post is a letter I give to teachers.
I give you a lot of credit for nailing this one. I was adopted from Russia and this was how it went down for me. But due to my origin I didn't act like this (bipolar). What can happen with situations like mine is that I got depression I couldn't fully keep my friends and he may be a witness to that. Also if he was to learn another language let's say he gets put back a grade (seriously do not recommend this, do whatever and how ever much school you need to to keep him up) what can also happen is he will self medicate going through phases of abusing substances. This is the hardest of them all.i don't understand how you can get an adult taken from their caretaker (it's an adult) but from what I understand key word isolation. They are little monsters but they are just looking for the ability for someone to understand them in a unique kind of way a person who can listen to them whine and agree how much rules suck. They have problems with authority but at the same time can't be friends with your parents. Go out do stuff with them in the long run they will have those memories to hold on. Help them and praise them on their education. And as soon as possible throw them into sports.

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