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How to Adopt??

How do you go about adoption?  I would like to adopt a baby of middleastern decent but I havent found any info on how to do that? Can anyone point me it the right direction?
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I can help you there are some sites that o though the prosses of adopting child if u would let me know what kind help you need I can help u more and I think that it good that want to adopt I was adopt young age I think it good
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cowboy 20022002 is right there are many sites online u can go to i can get u a list of some if u would like ...i know all about adoptions lol we adopted two little african american boys not that long ago...its the best experiance ever i love it and them. just know some of them may take on the behaviors of their parents even as babies. its hard but worth it ill tell yeah that
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You might want to begin with your local children services agency as there are many children that need adoptive homes.
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