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My partner and I would like to adopt!!

Does anyone know of any good adoption agencies that work with same sex couples. My partner and I have been ttc for 2 years now without success and are considering this route as an alternative. Thank you!!
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Hello and welcome!

I found this page, which lists a lot of resources for same sex adoptions, nationwide:


Have you given any thought to the kind of adoption you and your partner would prefer?  Of course, there are MANY different ways to go about it.  There are foster to adopt programs, domestic open adoptions. domestic closed adoptions (much harder to pull off), international adoptions (much more expensive), surrogacy.  

Best of luck to you both!  Update us if you can!!
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I'm sure there are agencies out there with this special focus.  Try the LGBT paper in your town, if the agency is specializing in same-sex couples they will certainly be advertising there.  Or just google "adoption for same-sex couples Omaha" and up will come some.
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Thank you both for your thoughts; they are greatly appreciated!! Honestly, I've always wanted to adopt but haven't decided on what kind of adoption; closed preferably. My partner is more reserved about adopting because she still hopes for a biological child of our own and has always wanted that. We are still in the processing stages and I am the type of person that likes to have all my options out on the table!! Again, thank you for your help!!
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If your partner wants to get pregnant but cannot, and if the problem is her eggs, there are definitely donor-egg agencies out there with a LGBT base.  This would be IVF with donor sperm and donor egg, and one of you carrying the child.
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Good Luck to you on your adoption journey!
I have no knowledge of agencies as my adoption was private but I will say it's a very rewarding experience!!
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Catholic Charities was great...
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